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Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speaker

Vienna Acoustics

Vienna Acoustics, one of the great names in audiophile speakers, is now at Command Performance. The latest Symphony addition of the Vienna speakers combine the classic Vienna musical sound with improved dynamics, detail retrieval, and frequency extension.  We have on display the Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven Baby Grand, with more to come.

Custom Design Audio Rack

Custom Design

From England we are proud to have Custom Audio Design Furniture.  Custom's rack combine beautiful aesthetics with practical functionality.  Custom's patented iRAP ( Isolation-Resonance-Absorbing-Platform ) is a marvel.

Lumin Player

Lumin Network Player

Command Performance continues to bring you the best in computer audio.  We are now showing the extraordinary Lumin Audiophile Network Music Player.  This digital unit can stream music files from computers and NAS.  It has won just about every award.

Torous Power AVR

Torus Power

Torus Power, the first name in toroidal isolation transformers, is now at Command Performance.  Come here how Torus' use of the Plitron-brand transformers can clean-up your power and improve your system.


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