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DACs and Computer Audio

Berkeley Audio Design
Lumin Music
Bel Canto Design
Computer Cables

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR)
ARM DAC England-based Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) has established itself as a premier maker of audiophile electronics.  AMR's lead designer, Thorsten Loesch, has created one most thought out and complete DACs on the market today.  The DP-777 NOS tube-based DAC has both a 32-Bit DAC and 16-Bit DACs for player high-resolution and redbook music.  It supports asynchronous 24/192 via USB. It Global Master Timer eliminates jitter.  If that was not enough, the DP-777 can act as a high-end preamplifier.  Unlike the other DACs on the market that control volume in the digital domain, the DP-777 employs a precise 71-step resistor matrix-based Analogue Volume Control.  The DAC also has an analog input so that you can run phono stage into the DAC without the signal being digitized...say goodbye to your stand-alone preamp!

Abbingdon Music Research Website

auralic audio electronics

AURALiC was founded to create user-friendly audio equipment that combines modern audio technologies with sublime artwork.  AURALic's mission to capture and reproduce every tiny detail in recordings with purity and emotions, AURALiC produces high-end audiophile products both reliable and upgradable. The AURALiC Vega DAC is one of the first DACs on the market to support single and double DSD music over USB.

aurender_s10_music_server The Aurender is the hottest music server in the business.  The Aurender S10 and W20 servers are easy-to-use networkable, high resolution music system that uses oscillators that are vastly more accurate than ordinary crystal oscillators used in most music servers and players. Clocks are important in guaranteeing jitter-free performance. Incorporating next generation technology with playback from Solid State Drives and a very easy-to-use iPad remote control application.

Aurender Website

Bel Canto
Bel Canto DAC Bel Canto Design, manufacturer of fine audio electronic components, traces its roots back to 1990. Bel Canto is an industry leader of innovative audio systems focused on the importance of the DAC control center.  Of special note, the DAC3.5VB delivers the highest dynamic range and lowest output noise with a class leading 126dB dynamic range with our proprietary low noise digital to analog convertor core. Including five 24/192 digital inputs, high speed ST fiber and a 24/192 ADC analog input.  The DAC2.5 has a USB, while the DAC3.5VB can be connected to a computer via USB when used with the Bel Canto USB Link.

Bel Canto Website

Berkeley Audio Design
Berkeley Audio Design DAC Berkeley Audio Design, LLC was founded by three alumni of Pacific Microsonics, Inc., developer of the HDCD process and the Pacific Microsonics Model One and Model Two, widely considered to be the highest quality professional ADC and DAC ever produced. Berkeley Audio Design was formed with the goal of making that level of fidelity available to music lovers and audiophiles everywhere. The Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC is the first achievement towards that goal. High resolution 88.2kHz to 192kHz, non-DRM recordings are now available on optical disk and by download from labels such as Reference Recordings' HRx and others that are identical to the original 24-bit masters.  The new Reference DAC is an all-out assault on what is possible.

Berkeley Website

Command Performance CommandPC©

Command Performance Logo
One of the founders of Command Performance AV has extensive experience in computers and IT, both at US Government National Laboratories and at his own software company. Recognizing a need for an affordable, silent, small form factor, PC music server/player, we developed our one line of PC-based music players. Our models are optimized for different price points to match the quality of the DAC we sell. Our servers cost between $1.800 and $3,500.  We are confident that our servers with the right DAC will exceed the performance of any $10,000 CD player.

CommandPC Premier
* Bit-Perfect Audio up to 24/192
* Completely Silent: No Fans and only Solid State Hard Drives
* Highly Optimized Microsoft® Windows 7 OS
* Intel® Core i3 Processor
* Thermally Cooled Aluminum Chassis
* Choice of Popular Windows Media Players
* SOtM® Audiophile PCI to USB Audio Card
* SOtM® In-Line SATA Power Noise Filter
* Up to 3 CommandPC Foundation Linear Power Supplies: CPU, Motherboard, and USB Card
* Optional Lynx AES16 sound card for bit-perfect 24/192 AES/EBU output
* Optional DVD Drive

Command PC Mini Computer
CommandPC Mini
* Bit-Perfect Audio up to 24/192
* * Completely Silent: No Fans and only Solid State Hard Drives
* Highly Optimized Microsoft® Windows 7 OS
* Completely Silent: No Fans and only Solid State Hard Drives
* Intel® Atom Processor
* Aluminum Chassis Cooling
*  SOtM® Audiophile PCI to USB Audio Card
* SOtM® In-Line SATA Power Noise Filter
* Optional CommandPC Linear Power Supply

Foundation Linear Power Supply Front

Foundation Linear Power Supply Back
CommandPC Foundation™ Linear Power Supply (LPS )
Command Performance is pleased to offer our own CommandPC Foundation
Linear Power Supplies (LPS).  The clean, stable power produced by
the LPS dramatically improves the audio performance of our servers,
producing a wider and deeper soundstage, better detail retrieval,
smoother highs, a sweeter midrange, and extra definition and weight
in the bass.  The Foundation LPS comes in two performance levels. Level I and
Level II both feature:
* 6 Amps of power at 12 V DC
* EMI filtering
* 66,000 μF of capacitance
* Point-to-point wiring
* Large Hammond transformers
* Extensive anti-vibration treatment
*High-end hook-up wire and cabling
The Level II Foundation LPS uses premium parts, such as: Mundorf
capacitors, Vishay rectifiers, cryogenically treated fuse holders
and Furutech fuses

Level 1 Foundation LPS is: $995 and the Level is $1,749. Also, we
welcome requests for custom designs.

Lumin Music
Lumin Music Player Lumin produces a unique multi award-winning audiophile music player.  The Lumin streams music over the network, so no USB cable is required.  The player can play music directly from PCs and even a NAS.

Lumin Website

Luxman DA-06 DAC Luxman is one of the most prestigious names in audio and is know for its high-end CD and SACD CD players.  Luxman now has a stand-alone DAC, with USB input, that can play any of todays formats, including up to double DSD.  Now consumers have access to the Luxman sound at fraction of the price of its high-end CD players.

Luxman Website

Computer Cables
USB Cable Command Performance sells cables specially designed for computer audio from the top cable companies, like Furutech, Straightwire, Synergistic Research, and Wireworld.  We sell copper and silver USB cables ranging in price from $50-$600 for 1 meter.  We also sell custom-made cables such as HD26 to AES/EBU for 24/192 output of high-end audio cards. 

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