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Stereophile Recommended Components Class A+

J.Sikora’s Reference Turntable Named to Stereophile Recommended Components
Class A+ List!

This Polish company’s top-of-the-line turntable is a nonsuspended, high-mass design, weighing 253lb. The dynamically and statically balanced platter alone weighs 40lb! Drive is with four square belts spun by four Papst DC motors. [Michael Fremer] found that the plinth was immune to knuckle raps and motor start-up noises and wrote that the Reference was very quiet. He decided that this J.Sikora ‘table had been superbly tuned to extract deep, well-controlled bass free of overhang or excess. The measured speed accuracy was impressive, as was its isolation from the outside world. Using J.Sikora’s own KV12 VTA tonearm ($8995) as well as SAT and Kuzma tonearms, [Fremer] couldn’t find fault with any aspect of the Reference’s sonic performance or its machining and physical presentation. He summed up: “For those willing to make the expenditure, add the J.Sikora Reference to the list of great mass-loaded turntables at this price.

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2023 Editors’ Choice: Best Turntables $10,000 & Up

J.Sikora Standard Max

“A turntable that is as visually appealing as it is sonically. Few, if any, ’tables in this price range can boast this level of precision machining, which extends to everything from the platter to the weighty damping puck. The result is superlative sound. With the proprietary Sikora tonearm, the ’table delivers effortless and snappy vinyl playback. It also produces a soundstage and bass that are particularly winning on orchestral pieces. Its wealth of impressive attributes mean that the Standard Max cannot be deemed anything other than a top contender.”

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Best of Show Axpona 2023 Show Awards!

Command Performance A/V is pleased to have been included in the “The Crème de la Crème” category by audionirvana.org.

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J.Sikora Standard MAX turntable

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2022

J.Sikora Standard Max Turntable

J.Sikora Reference turntable with KV12 tonearm in yellow

stereophile 2022 Product of the Year analog


J.Sikora Reference Turntable

J.Sikora Reference turntable with KV12 tonearm in yellow

Gryphon Apex Stereo
Power Amplifier

stereophile recommended components fall 2022

J.Sikora Models Make Stereophile’s
Recommended Components List!

stereophile recommended class a plus
J.Sikora Reference turntable with KV12 tonearm

J. Sikora Reference Turntable

Class A+

Stereophile Recommended Components Fall 2022 Edition Turntables

stereophile recommended class a

J. Sikora Initial Turntable

Class A

Stereophile Recommended Components Fall 2022 Edition Turntables

stereophile recommended class a
J.Sikora KV12 Tonearm Review

J. Sikora KV12 Tonearms

Class A

Stereophile Recommended Components Fall 2022 Edition Tonearms

J.Sikora Stereophile Magazine Cover!

The J.Sikora Reference turntable is on the cover of Stereophile Magazine! Michael Fremer reviewed J.Sikora’s flagship model for the July issue.

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