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Acoustic Signature Turntables

Designed and Made by Hand in Germany

For a quarter of a century, Acoustic Signa­ture has been dedi­cated to vinyl play­back, with one goal: to build the best turn­tables in the world! Setting stan­dards in terms of manu­factu­ring quality, techno­logy, and relia­bility, these turn­tables have become true design icons and create sound pain­tings of extra­ordi­nary beauty that touch the soul.

Acoustic Signature

Invictus NEO Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Invictus Jr. NEO Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Montana NEO Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Typhoon NEO Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Hurricane NEO Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Tornado NEO Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Double-X NEO Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Maximus NEO Turntable

acoustic signature maximus neo black

Acoustic Signature Tonearms

Designed and Made by Hand in Germany

TA-9000 NEO Tonearm

The TA-9000 NEO—the ultimate partner for the ulti­mate turntables.

TA-7000 NEO Tonearm

The TA-7000 NEO— made to be paired with the very best turn­tables.

TA-5000 NEO Tonearm

The TA-5000 NEO— an inno­vative tone­arm that is among the best.

TA-2000 NEO Tonearm

ta-2000 neo tonearm authorized dealer
The TA-2000 NEO—undoub­tedly plays with the ‘big boys’ of the analog world.

TA-1000 NEO Tonearm

acoustic signature ta-1000 neo tonearm authorized dealer
The TA-1000 NEO— defi­nitely won’t give away any sound poten­tial.

TA-500 NEO Tonearm

The TA-500 NEO—much too good to be called entry-level.

Acoustic Signature Cartridges

Since 2015, Acoustic Signa­ture’s product port­fo­lio has included the MCX moving coil cart­ridge series, offering out­stan­ding performance and value.

MCX4 Cartridge

  • Modern MC cartridge with gold-plated, oxygen-free copper coils
  • Reso­nance-opti­mized alumi­num chassis
  • Easy mounting
  • Excellent tracking due to nude Shibata stylus
  • Suitable for medium to high mass tonearms

MCX3 Cartridge

  • Modern MC cart­ridge with high-purity copper coils
  • Reso­nance-opti­mized aluminum chassis
    Easy mounting
  • Excellent tracking due to the nude fine line stylus
  • Suitable for medium to high mass tonearms

MCX2 Cartridge

  • Modern MC cartridge with high-purity silver coils
  • Reso­nance-opti­mized alumi­num chassis
  • Easy moun­ting
  • Precise tracking due to nude ellip­tical stylus
  • Suitable for me­dium to high mass tonearms

MCX1 Cartridge

  • Modern MC cartridge with copper coils
  • Resonance-optimized aluminum chassis
  • Easy mounting
  • Precise tracking due to elliptical stylus
  • Suitable for medium to high mass tonearms
avc automatic vibration control

Acoustic Signature AVC
(Automa­tic Vibration Control)

Every rota­ting motor gene­rates vibra­tions which are trans­mit­ted to the chas­sis and platter. To mini­mize these effec­tively the vibra­tions must be ‘balan­ced’. Acoustic Signature’s AVC techno­logy is able to measure the resulting distor­tions in real time and auto­mati­cally adjust the phase shifts to the motor signals. This digitally-moni­tored correc­tive measure ensures a drastic reduc­tion in vibra­tion, espe­cially in multi-motor applications.

cld constrained layer damping white

Acoustic Signature CLD
(Constraint Layer Damping)

Cons­traint Layer Dam­ping techno­logy (CLD) helps in mini­mizing sound-quality affec­ting vibra­tions so that the cart­ridge can track on a quiet turn­table sur­face without reso­nance-related impair­ment.

In addition to the Silencer tech­nology, this is achie­ved by unique sand­wich platter cons­truc­tions and parti­cularly sophis­ti­cated material mixes.

dtd duraturn diamond bearing white

Acoustic Signature DTD®
(Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing)

The bearing is the heart of every turn­table. With the new, main­te­nance-free Acoustic Signa­ture Dura Turn Diamond® bearing, Acoustic Signature have suc­cee­ded again in mini­mizing the unavoi­dable noise level caused by the mecha­nical move­ment of the bearing. At the same time, a spindle with a diamond-like hard sur­face redu­ces the friction coeffi­cient by a full 60 percent – optimal condi­tions for world-class sound!

Acoustic Signature Technology and Innovation

Acoustic Signa­ture

stands for audio­phile-grade analog repro­duction – high-end pro­ducts made in Germany! All turn­tables, tone­arms, cart­ridges and acces­sories are 100% hand­made at the com­pany head­quar­ters in Suessen near Stuttgart.

Produc­tion is based on state-of-the-art CNC tech­no­logy and CAD/CAM systems and uses only the highest-quality mate­rials. The develop­ment of in-house tech­no­logies is the company’s highest priority. Cutting-edge techno­logies, a clear design lan­guage, and an out­stan­ding price-per­for­mance ratio have esta­blished Acoustic Signa­ture’s repu­tation as an inno­vation leader world­wide among the audio press and vinyl lovers alike.

Passion, care, and atten­tion to detail are of great impor­tance to Acoustic Signa­ture. Each product is indivi­dually manu­fac­tured and tested. The highest level of quality is also expres­sed in the Acoustic Signa­ture warranty: a five-year warranty on tone­arms and a 15-year warranty on turn­tables!

Gunther Frohn­hoefer is con­vin­ced: “We are abso­lutely focusing on ‘Made in Germany’. The general trend is towards the chea­pest supplier. This is not for Acoustic Signature. Acoustic Signature obtains all raw mate­rials and compo­nents that they do not manu­fac­ture them­sel­ves from spe­cia­list compa­nies in the region. They only choose the best suppliers; their demand for perfec­tion and their quality require­ments have always been impor­tant and will become even more signi­fi­cant in the future.”