Asking $3,400 OBO

Audeze LCD-5 Headphones (Consignment)

The Audeze LCD-5 headphones are high-end, over-ear, open-back headphones.

This unit comes with all the original accessories, extra headband and  original packaging.  

Additionally, this unit also includes two additional cables: Moon Audio Black Dragon and Double Helix Complement C15.


Planar Magnetic Drivers: The LCD-5 features Audeze’s patented ultra-thin Planar Magnetic drivers, which are designed to deliver fast, accurate, and detailed sound.

Open-Back Design: The open-back design of the headphones allows air to flow freely in and out of the ear cups, which can create a more natural and spacious soundstage.

Lightweight Construction: The headphones are built with a lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum construction, which makes them comfortable to wear for extended listening sessions.

Ergonomic Design: The ear cups and headband are designed to fit the natural contours of the head and ears, which helps to reduce pressure points and enhance comfort.

Replaceable Ear Pads: The ear pads are made from premium materials and are replaceable, which can extend the life of the headphones and ensure they remain comfortable over time.

Detachable Cable: The LCD-5 comes with a detachable cable that uses Audeze’s custom-made mini-XLR connectors, which allow for easy replacement and upgrade.

Frequency Response: The frequency response of the LCD-5 is 5Hz to 50kHz, which allows for an extended range of audio frequencies to be heard.

Impedance: The headphones have a low impedance of 12 ohms, which means they can be easily driven by most audio sources, including smartphones and portable audio players.

Sensitivity: The headphones have a sensitivity of 96dB/1mW, which means they can produce loud volumes with minimal amplification.

Overall, the Audeze LCD-5 headphones are designed to provide a premium listening experience with exceptional sound quality and comfort.

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