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Experience music and cinema that are perfectly timed and naturally alive.

Ayre Acoustics has been designing and building superior quality, award winning audio and video equipment in Boulder Colorado since 1993. The brand is recognized as a world leader in the industry; their full line of audio and video components sets new standards in innovation, design, and performance. We at Command Performance AV are proud to offer you the finest equipment for your listening and viewing pleasure.

“The limitations of recorded media disappear, and the restorative power of music and cinema becomes a part of daily life.”

–Charles Hansen, Founder and Designer

Ayre’s mission is to create audio and video systems that provide a lifetime of excitement and discovery. Combining stunning realism with exceptional clarity, these “made in the USA” components offer a natural, relaxed presentation that draws you into your favorite music and films as never before. Ayre’s bold, unique design approach ensures superlative levels of performance. Every design detail is focused on a single goal: unprecedented musical and cinematic delight. All of their products employ Ayre’s exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback circuitry, with special emphasis lavished on the power supply. The result is a new world of artistic insight and experience.

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