DeVore Fidelity Gibbon X Loudspeakers

An absolutely full-range and utterly transparent reference speaker for the gibbon series.

Easy to drive and easy to place in any room. The gibbon X is a three-way system with a new 3/4 inch ultra-low-mass textile dome tweeter suspended in an inert chamber, a new 7 inch midrange driver with a phase-plug and inverted natural rubber surround in it’s own sealed enclosure and a pair of massive, long-throw 9 inch woofers in a tuned 4-chamber enclosure.


Frequency Response23Hz-40kHz
Impedance8.5 Ohms (16 Ohms max, 7.3 Ohms min @ 26Hz)
Dimensions44”H x 9”W x 17.5”D (not including feet)
Finish OptionsCherry Bamboo, Mahogany Bamboo, Mink Bamboo

“The X’s dynamics could literally startle.

The X also demonstrated startling realism well beyond what my Nines, for all their musicality, are capable of—indeed, at certain moments with very good recordings, beyond what I’d previously experienced in my home.

DeVore speakers have always imaged well, but the Xes imaged better than other DeVores I’ve heard, and exceptionally well in absolute terms. Musical images floated free of the enclosures with great stability and corporeality.

DeVore Fidelity’s Gibbon X is, to me, a Class A performer—highly recommended”

Stereophile, Jim Austin, February 2019, Class B Recommended Component

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“I think this new Weapon X from the MonkeyHaus up in Brooklyn, NY, is a show-stopper. Played at volume, it’s literally a stunner. The Gibbon X is room filling, precise, and gloriously immersive in its presentation.

So, no, the Gibbon X is not cheap, but finding a better performing speaker at this price or lower? Yeah. Good luck. As for us, we’re giving it an Editor’s Choice. And this pair of Gibbons is staying here.”

Part Time Audiophile, Scott Hull, August 2017, Editor’s Choice Award

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