Dynaudio Heritage Special

Real. Beautiful.

The new Dynaudio Heritage Special. Authentic premium Danish hi-fi, handmade with love in Skanderborg. Hear it today at Command Performance AV!

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Dynaudio Confidence

A new level of high-end listening

The classic passive speaker has evolved. The all-new Confidence takes Dynaudio’s most celebrated audio technologies to startling heights with new materials, techniques and technologies.

Hear it today at Command Performance AV!

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Dynaudio Contour i

Dedicated to detail

Leave Dynaudio engineers alone with a speaker and they’ll make it better. They can’t help themselves. And they love nothing more than improving a legend.

Hear it today at Command Performance AV!

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Dynaudio Evoke

Evoke is for you. It’s for living rooms. Home cinema rooms. Listening rooms. Even bedrooms. It’s serious hi-fi, everywhere.

This brand-new speaker range takes advanced technology directly from our top-of-the-range speakers – including finishes, driver technology and design. And that means each of the five Evoke models can vibe with you, grow with you, and stay with you – however you listen.

Hear it today at Command Performance AV!

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Dynaudio Special Forty

Laurels aren’t for resting on

We still surprise ourselves. Some people might be content to sit back and be complacent about their successes after 40 years of constant innovation. We aren’t. In fact, we only get hungrier for new techniques and technologies.

Hear it today at Command Performance AV!

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Dynaudio Emit

Discover just how good your collection can sound

Emit is your way into true high-end Danish hi-fi. Enjoy your music and films in a way you never thought possible at the price, thanks to trickle-down technology from Dynaudio’s incredible Confidence, Contour i and Evoke ranges.

Hear it today at Command Performance AV!

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Dynaudio — Hand-crafted in Denmark

Dynaudio is the leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your living room, the professional studio and for your car.

Sound is Dynaudio’s number one priority

Dynaudio’s mission is to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience.


Sound as effortless and natural as the musical instruments that were recorded.

Founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, Dynaudio has more than 35 years of experience in producing high-end speakers.

Dynaudio Technology

According to Wilfried Ehrenholz, Dynaudio’s co-founder, the only way for a loudspeaker company to produce really exceptional loudspeakers is by developing its own drivers.

Consequently, Dynaudio loudspeakers are a unique combination of innovative driver technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and true hand-craftsmanship. Find out more about our unique Dynaudio technology and how perfectioning small things leads to a better overall loudspeaker.

The human ear makes all the difference

The creation of a high-end speaker begins and ends with intense acoustic engineering, tests and comparisons. To make excellent sound, rely on the most sensitive analysis tool: The human ear. It makes all the difference.

Second to none

Essentially, it is all about sound and the way our senses distinguish between sounds. To interpret an emotion into technological reason in order to improve a loudspeaker you need engineering – but most importantly you need the work of a person.

The best and the most authentic audio experience… Not by being overly expressive, but by being efficient and precise. Paying meticulous attention to every detail from material finish to the sound performance.

This is how the best sound quality is achieved, without boundaries.

Magnesium Silicate Polymer membrane

The exclusive driver membrane is an immediately visible and characteristic feature of Dynaudio loudspeakers. For bass and mid-range units, the company uses a proprietary composite of magnesium silicate polymer (MSP), a material that combines low mass, high rigidity, and ideal internal damping properties. Formed in a special manufacturing process, this membrane is a unique design with the distinctive, geometrically optimized form of the cone further enabling smooth sound dispersion.

Coated soft dome tweeter

The best material for a tweeter is experience: Dynaudio has relied on silk soft-dome tweeters for recreating high frequencies since the company was founded, continuously improving and perfecting the soft-dome principle over the years. Dynaudio tweeter designs require a time consuming, labor-intensive manufacturing process where the fine fabric diaphragm is shaped into a dome and is then treated with a specially formulated coating. As a further refinement, the tweeter’s aluminium voice-coil is suspended in a magnetic oil, which increases power handling while also improving the dome’s excursion. The result is the celebrated Dynaudio tweeter, which, thanks to its incomparable performance, is commonly regarded as one of the very best drivers in the world. No other tweeter construction achieves such a high level of balanced and natural frequency response.

Furniture-grade cabinets

Dynaudio finishes most models in expressive real-wood veneers. The Danish tradition of craftsmanship drives the meticulous process of selecting and matching veneers from the finest woods available, followed by careful sanding, polishing and coating. Additional internal damping, strengthening, and bracing in critical sections of the cabinet substantially reduces unwanted resonance. The highly sophisticated Dynaudio cabinets achieve a refined level of quality only possible through many years of experience. At the same time, the company cares greatly about natural resources and exclusively uses environmentally-friendly materials and non-endangered woods throughout the entire production process.

Die-cast aluminium baskets

A loudspeaker driver consists of many different moving parts: A magnet powers a voice coil, which moves the diaphragm. The membrane is supported in a flexible assembly, surrounded by a supple rubber ring. In order to perform in a controlled manner, all of these parts must be housed together in a highly rigid frame: the driver basket. Dynaudio primarily utilizes low-resonance, highly warp-resistant baskets made of die-cast aluminium. Due to the stiffness of this non-magnetic material, the basket can be designed with aerodynamically formed ribs to reduce air compression behind the moving membrane. Another advantage is its long-term resistance against thermal, mechanical or other external influences. For many years, Dynaudio was the only manufacturer to consider aerodynamic improvement of the driver basket. The unique sound quality and extraordinary endurance of the Dynaudio drivers are a result of the innovative and solid basket construction.

CNC machining

Dynaudio loudspeaker baffles, tweeter housings, and many other parts are manufactured using CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining. Computer-programmed and controlled by ultra-responsive sensors, precision to within a single micrometer (ìm) can be achieved with metal or wood materials. For example, multi-axial drilling machines produce acoustically optimized baffle shapes and unique design details. Since Dynaudio is one of the very few loudspeaker companies to carry out CNC machining completely inhouse, prototypes or experimental models can be conceptualized, designed digitally, and then immediately produced. Only with this deep vertical integration can extensive quality improvements and optimizations be continuously implemented.

Center magnet system

The Dynaudio center magnet system yields a compact yet powerful driver system. Its strong suit is the alignment: with the magnet positioned inside the voice coil, a larger and more homogenous magnetic field can be utilized, with less magnetic radiation from the inner magnet. This exceptional technology has the further benefit of symmetry, since the use of two magnet rings above each other enables a totally symmetrical pole piece design, making the driver coil induction constant in any voice coil position. This results in an extremely precise and symmetric voice coil movement for exact signal reproduction – even at higher volume levels.

Vented magnet system

Dynaudio tweeters, mid-range and bass drivers benefit from venting of the otherwise nearly sealed compartments between the magnets and diaphragms. The Dynaudio center magnet system reduces the reflection surface behind the woofer cone, while the extremely rigid die-cast aluminium baskets are optimally shaped to further eliminate air turbulence and resonance. Dynaudio tweeters include a special damping chamber integrated into the rear of the construction, deadening any back-wave energy through an acoustic absorber. The advantages include high power handling and unimpeded excursion of cones and domes.

Aluminum voice coils

A distinct and major Dynaudio innovation is the use of pure aluminium wire for voice coils. In comparison to the more commonly used and much heavier copper alternative, aluminium allows for more windings and extraordinarily large diameter coils that remain extremely light. By using aluminium instead of copper for a bass driver, it is possible to effectively double the coil’s diameter without increasing its mass. Due to the thermal properties of aluminium, cooling of the voice coil is dramatically improved as well. In combination with the equally light voice coil former and powerful magnet materials used in Dynaudio designs, cone excursion is much more controlled and the driver follows the music signal from the amplifier with a remarkable sense of dynamics and accuracy.


The voice coil is positioned within the magnetic field of the tweeter magnet. When the loudspeaker reproduces sound, the voice coil, powered by the amplifier current, moves at a speed of up to 25,000 waves per second. To achieve a uniform movement, a magnetic fluid called ferrofluid is used around the voice coil. Ferrofluid works like a subtle shock absorber and eliminates excess energy. Due to the relatively high current and extremely fast movements, the voice coil is under constant thermal stress. The ferrofluid dissipates this heat, while also increasing power handling capabilities. The frequency range of the Dynaudio tweeter can thus be expanded while the frequency response remains smooth and linear, delivering the highest resolution and most neutral sound reproduction.

High quality 1st order crossovers

Only the highest quality components, selected for their sonic properties, are utilized in Dynaudio crossovers: carefully wound pure OFC (oxygen-free copper) air-coils, select capacitors, and temperature-stable ceramic resistors. A Dynaudio crossover features pure 1st order filters (6 dB/octave), which enable a superior transient response and can only be effectively used with the ultra-linear frequency response of the Dynaudio drivers. Another Dynaudio area of expertise is impedance correction, making a perfect combination possible with virtually all amplifiers.

Dynaudio Directivity Control

The distinctive driver symmetry with two mirrored drive units is an unmistakable characteristic of the Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC) technology. After years of development experience with Dynaudio professional studio monitor loudspeakers, it became clear that many recordings are of superb quality but, due to listening room acoustics, the potential of these recordings could not be fully experienced. In particular, reflections from floor and ceiling boundaries interfere with a faithful, realistic sonic reproduction because of distortions and added time delays. With DDC, Dynaudio has created a technology that effectively reduces these effects. The vertical symmetrical drive unit array and elaborate crossover topology reduce the energy dispersed to the floor and ceiling by approximately 75 percent. The controlled vertical dispersion makes the loudspeaker far less dependent on the room and much less influenced by positioning as compared to conventional designs. DDC isn’t simply arranging the drivers in a symmetrical array. For DDC to succeed, every single detail – from each drive unit to the crossover – must be individually tailored and optimized for this concept. With two tweeters, two mid-range drivers and, depending on the model, two or four woofers, each drive unit complements its identical counterpart in frequency response and phase relationship in such a manner that a carefully defined dispersion characteristic is achieved. This intricate matching is repeated once again for each loudspeaker pair to work together in tandem. DDC is an impressive example of the innovative Dynaudio methodology for loudspeaker design and is truly without equal.

Dynaudio fine tuning

It is not just technology that sets a Dynaudio loudspeaker apart from conventional offerings. It is also meticulous fine tuning. Every Dynaudio model is fine-tuned in extensive, time-consuming listening tests. Dynaudio even developed its own amplifier, the Arbiter, solely for this task, to ensure that they are not restricted by any one manufacturer’s design. Extraordinary power reserves, a frequency bandwidth at the edge of what is technically possible, the exacting use of absolutely sonically accurate components and circuits, and a unique power supply that remains completely free from mains noise are just a few qualities of Dynaudio’s ultimate amplifier development. The true sound quality of a loudspeaker can be judged using this virtually priceless reference amplifier. After a Dynaudio design has been fine-tuned, it is subjected to the Arbiter. Only after passing this most difficult test is it ensured that the authentic sound quality of a Dynaudio loudspeaker can be experienced – at home or in a studio.

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