Gryphon Guideline Reference Series Cables

Gryphon Guideline Reference Series Cables

Incorporating conductors of gold-embedded silver for unimpeded electron propagation, Gryphon Guideline Reference employs a dielectric consisting of thousands of minute air-core Teflon fiber tubes wound around the conductors, then wrapped in a tight Teflon sheath. For effective protection against external interference, the shield features a thick layer of silver-plating. A molded outer sleeve of homopolymeric Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) contributes to the exceptionally rigid construction.

After nearly a quarter of a century at the forefront of cable development for high end audio use, Gryphon has a unique grasp of what it takes to maintain the integrity of a delicate and sensitive audio signal.

Owners of supremely neutral and transparent audio systems will immediately recognize Gryphon Guideline Reference as the new reference standard for dynamic contrast, three-dimensional soundstaging and bass clarity and articulation.

Hear the entire line of Gryphon audio cables — and in fact The Gryphon’s entire collection of audio products — at DC’s authorized Gryphon dealer, Command Performance AV.

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