Innous Zenith Mk3

Asking $4000 or Best Offer

Innous Zenith Mk3 2TB Trade-in

⦿ New Custom Motherboard with reduced EMI
⦿ Dual Ethernet Ports for LAN and Streamer with dedicated isolation transformers
⦿ Innovative Triple-Linear Power Supply with ultra-low noise regulators and premium Mundorf Capacitors
⦿ 8GB RAM with 4GB In-Memory playback
⦿ Asymmetrical isolation feet inspired by the ZENith SE
⦿ Ultra-low Noise USB Audio Output
⦿ SSD Storage with newly improved vibration and EMI treatment
⦿ New Generation Quad-core Intel CPU
⦿ Medical-Grade Mains Filter
Excellent condition, compleat in box. We also have the mathcing PhoenixUSB if your interested

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