July Event – New Technologies for Better Music Reproduction

Our next event will be hosted by Jon Baker from Musical Surroundings and Steve Greene from Nordost. The event will be held on Thursday, July 11, from 4pm to 9pm. Jon will be demonstrating several optical cartridges from DS Audio, including the much-anticipated $2,750 DS-E1 and the top-of-the-line DS Master1. He also will be demonstrating turntables, arms, and cartridges from AMG and Clearaudio. Steve will be demonstrating Nordost’s amazing QRT power products and Sort System. Steve will have samples of the hot new products announced in Munich. Prizes will be given out, and refreshments will be served.

New Line – TAD

TAD (Technical Audio Devices) may seem like a fairly new name on the Audio scene, but actually TAD was started by Pioneer Electronics nearly 45 years ago. TAD’s original mission was to use advanced technologies and analytic methods to develop state-of-the-art speakers for the professional studio market. In 2007, TAD became an independent company and expanded its focus into consumer speakers and electronics. Since that time, TAD has produced some of the most innovative high-end home audio products.

Today, TAD is most well known for their CST (Coherent Source Transducer) drivers used in all of their speakers. The current CST driver is an advanced coaxial design in which a vapor-deposited Beryllium tweeter is mounted to a midrange driver. The advantages of this technique include a more immersive sound, better time-phase coherence, and an extended frequency response from midrange to beyond human hearing, 250 hertz up to 100 kHz. This approach eliminates one of the most common speaker problems, hearing the individual midrange and bass drivers where they cross over.

Coherent Source Transducer

In addition, the TAD designers have used advanced modeling techniques to enhance their speakers via custom magnetic structures for the drivers, ultra-stiff bass drivers, extremely inert cabinets, and unique porting systems. We highly recommend you visit the TAD website to learn more.

What does all this amount to? One of the best-imaging and cohesive-sounding speakers we have heard. Once we heard a demo in our showroom, we just had to bring in the line.

TAD speakers range in price from their Micro Evolution One bookshelf speakers at $15,000 to their Reference One MK2 Floor Standing Speaker at $98,000.

Micro Evolution One Bookshelf Reference One Floor Stander

TAD has also branched into high-end electronics. Like their speakers, there are two levels electronics, at the Evolution and Reference levels. The Reference electronics include a preamp with outboard power supply; a CD player / DAC with a top-of-the-line clock; a premium processor; a dedicated DSD DAC; and a pair of 300 watt (8 Ohm) monoblocks with custom-made bespoke parts. All of the Reference electronics are designed for exception heat management and vibration control.

Evolution D1000MK2 Player/DAC/Preamp Reference Monaural Amp

The Evolution series of electronics includes a preamplifier, a unique combination CD player / DAC / Preamp, a stand-alone DAC, and two stereo amplifiers. All of the Evolution products borrow trickle-down technologies from the Reference line.
At Command Performance, we currently have on display the following Evolution models:
• Micro Evolution One Speakers
• Compact Evolution One Speakers
• D1000Mk2 Disk Player / DAC / Preamp
• TAD-M1000 Power Amplifier
If you are interested in hearing another model, please let us know as we may be able to get a loaner from the importer.
Keep your eyes open for an upcoming TAD event notice.

Wireworld Series 7 Sale
Wireworld has introduced their new Series 8 cables. So, we are clearing out all of our remaining Series 7 cables, we have Ethernet, speaker cables, interconnects, and digital cables. All new and used Series-7 cables are now 40% off. Offer good while supplies last.

Hot Demos and Trade-Ins
• Atma-Sphere MA-2 Mk 3.3 Mono Amps (Trade), with warranty
o MSRP: $42,000
o Asking: $13,000
• Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mk 3.3 Preamp (Trade), with warranty
o MSRP: $22,200
o Asking: $8,500
• McIntosh MHT100 A/V Surround Receiver (Consignment)
o MSPR: $5,000
o Asking: $1,200
• Ayre AX-5 Twenty Integrated Amp (Demo), Silver
o MSRP: $12,950
o Asking: $7,499
• Ayre KX-5 Twenty Preamp (Demo), Silver
o MSRP: $9,950
o Asking: $5,995
• Dynaudio Contour 30 (Demo), Walnut
o MSRP: $7,500
o Asking: Call
• Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speakers (Trade), Premium Rosewood, Original Model
o MSRP: $7,000
o Asking: $1,995