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Arrival of armless type, pursuing possibility of analog reproduction.

Since the introduction of PD-171 into the market in 2011, which has been highly admired as an analog player that delivers the temperature sense and atmosphere sense of sound put into a phonograph record, and now the longed-for armless type has arrived. Highly evaluated physical characteristics of PD-171 such as high-rigid main chassis and heavy turntable securing stable rotation are inherited, and the mechanisms of the motor, drive circuit, and bearing section have been improved for further accuracy. PD-171AL is an analog player, and an audio component that the user can customize to allow for enjoying sound change. Setting PD-171AL to an armless type allows the user to appreciate analog reproduction more deeply. This sentence is written to express the image of letter entry and has nothing to do with the contents of the catalog.

Electric Circuit

  • Introduction of newly developed high-torque AC motor
  • AC synchronous motor drive with use of the circuit of high power audio amplifier structure
  • High-precision clock controlled generator circuit with 32-bit microprocessor embedded
  • Reflective view type LED stroboscope useful for adjusting the rotation speed in a precise manner equipped


  • Belt drive type aluminum machining heavy turntable (5.0kg) utilizing high inertia moment (approx. 0.7t・2)
  • Main parts underslung (hanging) vibration-damping structure with the main chassis of 15-mm-thick machined aluminum plate
  • High-rigid 16 mm spindle with ball bearing to support stable rotation
  • Wear-resistant and load-bearing polyether ether ketone (PEEK) material used in the bearing section
  • Floating mounted power transformer and AC motor
  • Hybrid vibration-damping structure with wood and metal
  • Large-sized insulator with height adjustment function directly secured to aluminum chassis


  • Traditional wood-paneled design
  • AC inlet on the rear panel to allow for replacement of power cable
  • Detachable high-intensity LED type stylus light useful for playback of a phonograph record in a dark listening room supplied
  • Cam support type 4-mm-thick acrylic dust cover openable and closable by light operation supplied

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