Magico Q7 Mk II

Magico Q7 Mk II

In the constant pursuit of perfection, the new Q7 Mk II represents Magico’s leading edge engineering capabilities, which allow them to surpass even the superb performance of the original Q7.

The overall design and art form factor of the Q7 remains intact. However, the scientific research applied to the new Q7 Mk II brings forth radically new and cutting-edge technologies that find expression in newly designed tweeter and midrange drivers along with state-of-the-art crossover components.

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The Q7 Mk II represents a cost-no-object loudspeaker with limitless micro-macro dynamics, high-efficiency, extreme extension, and re-defined transparency, yielding performance from the faintest whisper to deafening sound-pressure levels while preserving an unheard degree of composure and fidelity.
Using Advanced Finite Elements Analysis to study ‘in-box’ driver behavior, the Q-Series’ construction techniques were redeployed in a configuration more finely-tuned to the specific parameters of ‘driver to enclosure’ interaction. Comprised of over 100 parts of aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, all affixed with over 650 fasteners in a calculated labyrinth of internal bracing, the Q7 provides the ideal combination of mass, dampening, and rigidity.

A new 3-axis matrix frame, copper decoupling levels, and a ‘floating’ midrange cavity yield the most effective multi-faceted strategy of eliminating the cabinet as a secondary acoustic source, making the Q7 Mk II a remarkable architectural feat.

Magico Q7 Mk II chart
In the development of the Q7 Drivers a colossal effort was made to minimize eddy currents in the iron parts of the under-hang motor system. Eddy currents are created by the voice coil movement and produce chaotic magnetic fields which work “against” the fixed magnetic field and thus create distortions. The best way to reduce these currents is to saturate the iron as much as possible. When the iron around the coil is totally saturated no induced flex can develop, i.e. no eddy currents.

In order to do that a lot of design, precision machining of the parts and huge magnets are required. In the picture you can see the flux density of Magico’s 10″ motor system. The color purple represents fully statured iron, yellow is about 90% saturation (Industry standard is less than 20%). These are breakthrough performance which enables the voice coil to move without any electromagnetic obstructions (the inductance of the woofer is measured at 0.085 mH!)

Magico Q7 Mk II


Driver Complement:

1 x 1″ (2.54cm) Tweeter
1 x 6″ (15.24cm) Midrange
1 x 10″ (25.4cm) Midbass
2 x 12″ (30.48cm) Bass


Sensitivity: 94dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response:
20 Hz – 50 kHz

Recommended Power:
50 – 1200 Watts


60″H x 32″D x 15″W
(152cm x 81cm x 38cm)

Weight: 750 lbs. (340 kg)

Reviews of the Magico Q7 Mk II

Review at The Absolute Sound

“The Mk II version of the Q7 takes “the Magico sound” in an entirely new and surprising direction. Yet it’s a direction that I believe any music lover will find captivating. The increase in resolution on its own makes the Mk II a worthy upgrade, as does the reduction in hardness. But it’s the synergistic effect of the two that vault the Q7 Mk II to a new level of loudspeaker performance. That is this transducer’s singular triumph.
For me, the Q7 Mk II has transformed the listening experience, perhaps to an even greater degree than living with the original Q7 did.”


The Absolute Sound
Robert Harley, October, 2015

Editor’s Choice Award

Review at Soundstage

“Closer to perfection than anything else Jeff has ever heard? A no-brainer: Like the Q7 before it, Magico’s Q7 Mk II deserves to be included in our list of Recommended Reference Components — at the very top.”


October, 2015

Recommended Reference Component

Review at Soundstage Ultra

“Here, finally, is a product that, in sound and build, delivers everything promised by its maker. Whether that makes it “the best” in some universal sense is infinitely debatable. What’s not debatable is that, in every area I value as an audiophile and music lover, the Q7 Mk II comes closer to perfection than anything else I’ve ever experienced.”


Soundstage Ultra
September, 2015

Reviewer’s Choice Award

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