MSRP $4,500

Asking $1,800

Magnum Dynalab MD-807T Trade-in

The 807T features a premium audio section like the MD107 and includes our up-converting and over-sampling Burr-Brown DAC with an additional co-ax digital input so all the digital signals are processed to optimize sound.

This item is a trade-in to Command Performance AV. It includes all of the original accessories and packaging.

  • 5 inch color touch screen
  • One inch thick aluminum faceplate
  • Audio Cap capacitors with Mundorf Supreme by-pass caps
  • Custom toroidal transformer
  • 0.093 thick gold plated circuit board
  • Burr-Brown 24/192 DAC with co-ax input
  • WBT RCA outputs and balanced output
  • 6922 gold pin cryo treated tubes from Electro Harmonix
  • Digital output

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