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High-Performance Home Theatre and Hi-Fi

NAD (New Acoustic Dimension) is a legend in the hi-fi industry.

Beginning with the Bjørn Erik Edvardsen designed 3020 integrated amplifier of the late ’70s, the company has grown steadily, both in stature and reputation.

From the start, NAD’s philosophy has been to include only those features that are necessary, eschewing the “bells and whistles” that often clutter consumer audio.

This “less is more” approach has consistently resulted in products that compete sonically with much more expensive gear, are easy to operate, and garner praise from every corner of the hi-fi media.

This lauded yet approachable brand is all about readily available power, delivering watts far in excess of their components’ rated output. This approach results is amplifiers that can handle any musical genre, from any source, driving almost any speaker load. But there’s plenty of finesse to go with all of those watts.

NAD’s digital products are equally distinguished, earning rave reviews for their performance/price ratio. The brand has also been on the forefront of incorporating digital music, from the iPod to high-resolution digital audio files.

A brand frequently chosen as the basis for audio enthusiasts’ first “serious” hi-fi systems, NAD’s durability often leads to their components being passed down from one generation of budding audiophiles to the next. Whether your interest is in the Viso wireless digital speaker system, the top-of-the-range Master Series, or somewhere in between, we hope you will stop by, have a seat, and listen!

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