Naim NAP 100 Power Amplifier

A classic expression of traditional Naim power amplifier engineering. While its dimensions are conveniently compact – just a mere 20cm wide – its performance is seriously dynamic and expansive.

Technology & Craft

The Naim NAP 100 power amplifier is perfect for a number of applications, adding a dose of Naim musicality to a wide variety of systems. Paired with Naim’s DAC-V1 digital-to-analog converter, it becomes the power behind a high-end system to unleash the music from your PC or Mac. Add a UnitiServe to the equation and you create a full hi-fi system that divorces your listening experience from the desktop and allows you complete control from Naim’s n-Serve iOS app.

Technical Features | Naim NAP 100 power amplifier

  • 50W per channel output into 8 ohms
  • Dual mono power amplifier design
  • Audiophile grade hand-selected components
  • Linear power supply with a large toroidal transformer
  • Pair with the DAC-V1 and UnitiServe for compact, high-end music system

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