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neat acoustics

loudspeakers shaped by music

For more than two decades, Neat loudspeakers have been handmade by a dedicated team based in Teesdale in the north of England.

These audio speakers are widely considered to be among the very best in high-end audio reproduction, regardless of size or price.

At Command Performance AV, our equally dedicated staff can also demonstrate why, if it’s the ultimate musical experience you are after, Neat might just be the perfect choice.

Most Neat models are available in a variety of real wood veneer finishes. You may also specify special premium finishes.

Neat’s loudspeaker designers are musicians with a vast range of experience playing live and in the recording studio. This experience translates into their designs. Listen to the essence of music the NEAT way. We think you owe it to yourself to hear these exceptional speakers!

Hear Neat at Command Performance today!