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PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Amplifiers

Customer Trade-In
Original Retail: $3,899 EACH
Specially Priced At: $2,899 EACH

PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Amplifier

(Customer Trade-In)

Customer Consignment Sale : Streophile Class A rated PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amplifiers in excellent condition with remote (for UL / Triode mode selection) & original boxes / packaging. One owner. Approximately 1.5 years old. Original tubes (sorry : we do not know exact # of hours on tubes).

We have two : can be used in stereo or put into “mono” mode and used as mono blocks (the original owner used them as mono blocks).


Power: Stereo
(8 Ohms, 1% THD)

70 watts x 2 (EL34)

Power: Stereo
(8 Ohms, 1% THD)

40 watts x 2 (EL34)

Power: Mono
(8 Ohms, 1% THD)

148 watts (EL34)

Power: Mono
(8 Ohms, 1% THD)

85 watts (EL


1 Pair RCA


4, 8, & 16 Ohm output taps (stereo)
2, 4, & 8 Ohm output taps (mono)

Freq. Response (+/- 1dB)

9Hz-59kHz (stereo)
8Hz-69kHz (mono)

THD (1W/1kHz)

< 0.1% (stereo)
< 0.1% (mono)

S/N Ratio

99 dB (stereo)
105 dB (mono)

Input Sensitivity

1.2V (stereo)
1.1V (mono)

Input Impedance

100k Ohm

Power Consumption

280 watts