Rockport Atria II

While maintaining the elegant form of its predecessor, the Atria II establishes an entirely new level of musical realism.

Capitalizing on the benefits of Rockport’s new waveguide mounted beryllium tweeter, the company has completely redesigned the crossover in the Atria II to create a fundamentally transformed loudspeaker. The Atria II also uses the latest generation of custom, carbon fiber sandwich composite cone drivers designed and developed from the ground up by Rockport Technologies.

Both the bass driver and midrange driver utilize a revolutionary new carbon fiber fabric in their cone construction that further increases the stiffness/weight ratio of the cones, ensuring pure pistonic behavior throughout their entire operating range. The midrange and bass drivers also feature newly-designed cone profiles as well as state of the art, ultra-linear, high-power motor systems. The result is vanishingly low distortion, incomparable resolution, and enormous dynamic range.

The Atria II’s triple-laminated, constrained mode damped enclosure boasts a solid 4 inch thick front baffle and variable section thickness (up to 2½ inches thick), curved side panels which not only create an elegant form, but also endow the enclosure with immense stiffness and minimum resonant signature. The Atria II’s enclosure also features large sweeping chamfers and ever changing baffle dimensions that virtually eliminate diffraction anomalies. Visually stunning, the Atria II’s raked back form and high gloss piano black finish are commensurate with its remarkable sound.

One of the most important design considerations for the Atria II was that it would play music with a far greater sense of scale and ease than one would ever expect for a loudspeaker of this size. Rockport is extremely pleased to have met or exceeded all of the design goals for the Atria II. And, while it was designed to work well in smaller rooms, make no mistake, the Atria II is a lionhearted speaker that surprises on every level.


Rockport Atria II Specifications:

  • Woofers 9” carbon fiber sandwich composite
  • Midrange 6” carbon fiber sandwich composite
  • Tweeter Waveguide mounted 1” beryllium dome
  • Height 43.50″
  • Width 12.50″ (base)
  • Depth 20.00″ (base)
  • Weight 150 lbs. each
  • Frequency Response 28 – 30 KHz, -3dB
  • Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity 87.5 dB SPL/2.83 v
  • Min. Amplifier Power 30 watts


“Some of my friends have asked me in the past what Speaker’s I lust over, if cost were no object. That answer is easy, Rockport Audio Atria II’s. I’ve heard the Atria’s before, but this was the first time listening to the Atria II’s, and the associated equipment was much better this time. Rockport Speakers generally measure excellent, among the best in the industry. They are built to a luxury standard befitting their high price tag. Their sound…Always impressive. Their resolving power is uncanny, you tend to hear things you didn’t know where in the recordings. The imaging is outstanding, placing instruments with spooky realism. The bass is tight, subtle, deep, and extended. In fact, most of the time I feel like there isn’t enough until it hits you. The speaker is so neutrally balanced, I find myself thinking something is wrong. Yet in the end I recognize what I’m hearing is accurate. Everything is as it should be.”

AV Nirvana, Matthew J Poes, Axpona 2018 Show Report, April 2018

(On the original Atria)

“The Atria is as transparent as anything I know of at its price, it’s tonally seamless from top to bottom, and it produces a textured and immediate sound that should give you many hours of pleasure. All in all, the Rockport Technologies Atria is the best speaker I’ve auditioned at its price. It flat-out slays some very competent, high-profile contenders costing thousands more.

SoundStage Ultra, Jeff Fritz, January 2014, Reviewer’s Choice

(On the original Atria)

“In sum, I cannot imagine anyone being anything but captivated by a pair of Atrias. They are true Rockports, brought to a more accessible price and size range. They are also so revealing of wondrous detail, so free of distracting artifacts, so effortlessly “right” in their presentation, and so darn happy to be making music, they can’t help but make you happy, too.”

The Absolute Sound, Alan Taffel, February 2014