TAD | The Artistic Intent, Intact

Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. is the only Japanese high-end audio manufacturer that specializes in both audio components and speaker systems

The company has a long-standing product development and design philosophy and passion as well as proprietary technologies underlying all of their products. They are committed to upholding a time-honored tradition of creating products that deliver a truly immersive, soul-stirring music-listening experience to their proud owners around the world.

TAD will continue to hone our technological prowess in uncompromising pursuit of the ideal and perfection of sound reproduction.

TAD makes products that reproduce the genuine sound without adding any artificial coloration or omitting any of original musical nuances.

To design speakers and audio components that reproduce the genuine sound, the company’s engineers combine a legacy of proprietary technologies with leading-edge materials, parts, and methods. This approach enables TAD products to deliver a “being-there” experience to listeners. You will feel as if you were sitting in a front-row seat in a concert hall and enjoying music being played right in front of you, temporarily forgetting the existence of speakers and audio components in your listening room. TAD calls this experience “the Artistic Intent, Intact.”

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