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TechDAS Turntables

Designed and Built in Japan

All TechDAS products are made in Japan with superb craftsmanship that elevates the enjoyment of music to an art-form.

Air Force V Premium

the most affordable model of the line

“TechDAS push back the boundaries of design again with the Airforce V Premium, successfully preserving all “Air Force” technologies in our most affordable model of the line.

The Air Force turntables feature unique and refined “air” technologies which includes our air bearing that allows the platter to flow on a very thin layer of air and mechanically isolates the rotating platter and a record from any vibration, as well as vacuum hold down of an LP onto the platter. With these technologies, the Air Force turntables have distinguished themselves from conventional turntables in terms of sound and performance.

At TechDAS we believe that the analog sound we produce has gone beyond previous levels of signal to noise ratios and is more in line with the signal to noise ratios achieved in modern digital audio. Thus TechDAS “Air Force” technologies bring about the ultimate state-of-the art analog sound, with an unparalleled level of background blackness and precise rotation.”

Hideaki Nishikawa

Air Force III Premium

compact-sized chassis; very high performance
“The new premium model comprises improvements that result in further refining the sound, based on the compact Air Force III

Building on the success of a hugely popular model – the Air Force III, a turntable which has a compact sized chassis yet delivers very high performance and flexibility of installation. The new Air Force III Premium has integrated further new concepts for an even higher quality while retaining the same compact size.

The Air Force III Premium consists of two units: the Main Unit (including outboard motor) and the Pump / Power Supply / Air Condenser Unit. ”

Hideaki Nishikawa

Air Force One

the essence of ultimate analog playback
“The reference Air Force One analog turntable by TechDAS ushers in exquisite design concept to positively exploit the aerodynamic force equivalent to sound energy rather than springs or buffer materials. It is the ultimate mechanism based on a vibration damping design using “Air Force” and utilizes only high-precision finished parts with enough mass to completely avoid any “colour” to the sound, nothing is added or removed. Through the aerodynamic instrumentality of “Air Force” the real magnitude and essence of ultimate analog playback is now a reality. Adverse effects caused by various obstructive oscillations, which used to be arch-nemesis of analog turntables has been thoroughly wiped out by the “Air Force”.

Incredible music is the outcome generated from air vibration, where the hearts of people are moved and immersed in the sound. In the case of analog recording and its playback a very high-precision system was created. Waveforms containing this analogue data are imprinted in a microgroove which is then extracted as vibrations to be then reproduced in a music system. In this process the turntable is a crucial element to allow a cartridge to accomplish it’s role of picking up the music imprinted in the records. Due to its extreme sensitive to micro-vibration a careful approach is thus required to ensure any displeasing and unwanted vibrations are systematically and thoroughly eliminated at source.”

Hideaki Nishikawa

Air Force Zero

the ultimate reference turntable

In parallel to TechDAS’s development and releases of the Air Force One, a project was going on at TechDAS to bring the dream of the ultimate reference turntable to reality. The goal of the project was to develop a truly groundbreaking product, building on their expertise and knowledge and incorporating new ideas and insights. To achieve this goal, the project had to be cost-no-object. And it had to have whatever technologies would be best suited for sonic performance.

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