VPI Classic 3 turntable and VPI Memorial 10.5i tonearm.

VPI Classic 3 is a trade-in to Command Performance AV with one owner. Condition 8/10

VPI Classic Signature Turntable Offers Stellar Build Quality, Brilliant Engineering, and Whisper-Quiet Operation That Allows You to Focus on Your Favorite Music

The VPI Classic Signature Turntable is a beautiful, belt-drive beast with a price-to-performance profile that breaks new ground. The Classic Signature embodies the hallmarks of VPI turntables: stellar build quality, premium parts, sci-fi aesthetics, ultra-quiet operation, and most importantly, sonic performance that offers staggering clarity, superb detail, magnificent soundstages, and remarkable dynamics. After all, a key goal of owning a turntable is to draw you closer to your favorite music, and the Classic Signature fulfills that promise, with its steady reliability and stunning sound.
New Jersey-based VPI Industries has won accolades around the world for elegant turntables such as the Scout 21, Prime 21, and the HW-40. The Classic Signature extends that legacy in glorious fashion. VPI engineers have succeeded in their goal to make an audiophile masterpiece with a straight tonearm that would offer sonics as lifelike and impressive as any turntable in its price class.
At the heart of this musical instrument is a 300 RPM precision, low-noise AC synchronous motor that drives the belt pulley with surgical accuracy (+/- .0005″). As is always the case for a VPI turntable, the platter is a work of art in and of itself. For the Classic Signature, the platter is 20 pounds of machined aluminum and stainless steel with a precision inverted bearing.
The turntable’s weight adds to its rock-solid stability, and the meticulous design incorporates dampening elements throughout. Custom feet ensure that the turntable’s motor is isolated from any potential environmental vibration. The chassis is bonded to a ¾-inch thick sandwich of aluminum and steel attached to the top, making the chassis a hefty 30 pounds on its own. The Classic Signature also includes the JWM-10-3D-Gimbal Standard Wire.
The solid, non-resonating, laminated one-piece MDF chassis is available in three gorgeous finishes: Piano Black, Black Ash, and Walnut. You can audition this incredible turntable with the confidence and peace of mind that come with our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.
Sorry: No trades. We only accept offers from purchasers that have reviews and feedback.

MSRP: $6,000


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