Raidho XT-3 Demo Used for Sale

Wireworld Series 7 Cables

All Remaining In-Stock Cables 40% Off

Wireworld Series 7 Clearence Sale

We are clearing out all of our remaining new-in-box and demo Series-7 cables to make room for the new Series-8 cables.

Cables*QTYSale Price
Silver Eclipse RCA, 30′ (D)1 pr$1,920
Eclipse XLR, 30′ (D)1 pr$1,020
Oasis XRL, 2M (D)1 pr$111
Oasis RCA 6M (D)1 pr$216
Luna X XLR 1M (N)1 pr$30
Speaker Cables  
Oasis Pro Speaker Cable B-B 3M (D)1 pr$194
Digital Cables  
Starlight Coax RCA 1M (D)1$48
Starlight Coax RCA 2M (N)2$72
Starlight Coax RCA 5M (D)1$144
Chroma Coax RCA 2m (D)1$12
Chroma Coax RCA 2M (N)2$14
Solstice Coax RCA 1M (D)1$15
Ultraviolet Coax RCA 1M (N)1$21
Ultraviolet Coax RCA 2M (N)1$26
Starlight 7 AES/EBU 1.5M (N)1$90
Starlight USB 2M (D)1$72
Nova Toslink 1M (D)1$24
Nova Toslink 2M (N)1$30
SuperNova Toslink 2M (N)1$150
Chroma Ethernet 1M (D)3$57
Chroma Ethernet 2M (D)2$66
Chroma Ethernet 3M (D)1$75
Starlight Ethernet 1M (N)1$126
Starlight Ethernet 2M (N)1$162
Starlight Ethernet 3M (N)1$198
Starlight Ethernet 5M (D)1$270
Luna RCA Y Splitter F->MM (N)3$16
Oasis RCA Y Splitter F->MM (N)1$45
Equinox 5.2 XLR Y Splitter M->FF (N)1$75
Oasis Jumpers Bananas (N)
4 Banana – Banana
Equinox Jumpers Bananas (D)
4 Banana – Banana
Equinox Jumpers Bananas (N)
4 Spade-Spade
Silver Eclipse Jumpers Bananas (N)
4 Spade-Spade

* We try to keep this list current, but actual inventory may be different.  Please call to verify what is in stock.