AMG 9W2 Tonearm

Based on the award-winning AMG 12J2 12” tonearm, the new 9W2 9” tonearm uses a scaled version of AMG’s dual-pivot bearing.

Based on the award winning AMG 12J2 12” tonearm, the new 9W2 9” tonearm uses a scaled version of AMG’s patented dual-pivot bearing.

The vertical bearing, similar to a technique used in helicopter rotors, utilizes 2 steel wires that allow fine azimuth adjustment while eliminating bearing play. The horizontal axle is hardened tool steel needle roller bearing. The aircraft grade aluminum armwand is anodized for resonance control.

Identical to the 12J2, the new 9” tonearm’s internal wiring is multiple stranded high-purity copper, and features magnetic anti-skate and precision locking VTA adjustment.

The 9W2, with a pivot to spindle distance of 211mm, is designed for the Linn LP-12, as the second arm on an AMG Viella 12 using the TWIN armboard with OVAL SME mount adapter, or other turntables that accommodate this length.



  • Patented Dual-pivot bearing
  • Vertical bearing, similar to a technique used in the rotor heads of helicopters
  • Uses two .5mm thick “spring steel wires,” allowing fine azimuth adjustment while eliminating bearing play
  • Horizontal axle is a hardened tool steel, precision ground to a backlash-free git with a needle roller bearing
  • It is extremely precise, maintenance free, and never requires adjustment


  • Aircraft quality
  • Anodized aluminum tube for resonance control
  • 9 gram effective mass


  • 2-piece with Teflon decoupled sleeve

Copper Internal Wiring:

  • Multiple gauges of high quality copper

Magnetic Anti-Skating:

  • Decoupled via ring magnet and 2-bar magnets
  • Magnetic fields isolated in our patented bearing housing


  • Precision locking system allowing easy adjustment during play



  • Effective Length: 229mm
  • Pivot to Spindle Length: 211 mm
  • Overhang: 18.1mm
  • Offset Angle: 24.07 degrees
  • Effective Mass: 9.1g
  • Null Points: Inner: 66 mm, Outer: 120.9 mm
The German-made 9W2 tonearm from turntable specialists AMG combines a traditional horizontal bearing with a vertical bearing that is, according to AD, unique in its field: “an upright pair of 0.4mm spring-steel wires that are perfectly straight when the tonearm tube is balanced, yet flex in tandem and yield to the armtube’s mass when the counterweight is moved closer to the twin fulcrums.” The result, he reports, is a near-ideal combination of zero play and absence of friction. VTA and azimuth are easily adjusted, and a magnetic antiskating mechanism is included. AD found the 9W2, when used on his Linn LP12—for which it was apparently designed—to be “the first Linn-friendly arm I’ve heard that has made me stop sobbing about the demise of the Naim Aro: a considerable feat.” Also with reference to his past favorite tonearms, AD added: “None surpasses the 9W2 in sheer build quality.” HR enjoyed the 9W2 as part of AMG’s Giro G9 record player, and said of the arm’s vertical bearing, “to my reckoning, this is a simple and supremely effective innovation.”
(Vol.37 No.10, Vol.40 No.10 WWW)
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