Origin Live

For many years Origin Live tonearms have earned the highest praise from satisfied owners, and are acclaimed by editors and reviewers as the best they have ever heard.

Origin Live is a privately-owned British company with the fanaticism to reproduce music as played originally, live—hence the name, Origin Live. The company designs and manufactures in-house, which has many advantages for innovation, production costs, and quality.

origin live value tonearms

Value Tonearms

These entry level Origin Live tonearms can provide a major upgrade to your existing turntable. The “Value Tonearm Range” bears this name because it combines affordability with exceptional performance. These tonearms will reward you with vastly-improved dynamics, clarity, and natural musicality. The high level of performance is inherited from taking the design of Origin Live’s Ultra High-End Tonearms and using easier materials.

origin live premium tonearms

Premium Tonearms

The premium range includes transformative features like Origin Live arm tubes, built from multiple layers to improve stiffness, energy transmission, and damping. They also employ dual-pivot bearings to reduce friction and improve de-coupling. These features give a world-class performance with the promise of many long hours of enjoyment.

origin live high-end tonearms

High-End Tonearms

The High-End Range combines advanced engineering with design research that goes much deeper than most other manufacturers. These arms are the culmination of years of development derived from a passion for delivering the very best audio experience.

Find Your Future Tonearm

Tonearms play a critical role in your ability to enjoy of the best experience from vinyl. But why is this?

It is supremely important that your cartridge is held rigidly while at the same time isolating it from unwanted vibrations. No matter how good your cartridge is, it’s been proven that it can never perform at anything like it’s true capability without a good tonearm. In the same way, a relatively inexpensive cartridge worth £50 can outperform one that costs £1250 simply by being installed on a better arm.

The Origin Live tonearm range starts with accessible models for those on a budget and climbs to world-leading tonearms, producing incomparable performance.

Origin Live arms have won a reputation offering the best value for money and often outperform arms at over 4 times the price (just read the reviews!).

Both Origin Live’s budget and high-end arms have received coveted awards, so you can be assured of outstanding quality throughout the range.

The difference in sound quality between tonearms is achieved through decades of development, costly materials, and time-consuming production necessary to produce high-quality parts. This also explains the significant performance improvements which exist between each tonearm in the range.