Hana | Phono Cartridges

When Tokyo’s Excel Sound Corporation created their own brand, Hana, the cartridges came to epitomize exceptional performance and value.

Hana translates to “brilliant and gorgeous” and their cartridges use Excel’s best materials, including alnico magnets, cross-shaped armatures, and proprietary manufacturing processes.

Hana Umami Blue

This synergistic relationship in MC cartridge design between specific materials, unique body design, a sophisticated generator, and hand-built precision is critical for outstanding cartridge performance. This creates a memorable and emotional experience, reminiscent of a meal at a Michelin 3-star restaurant, with every element and detail working in concert.

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Hana Umami Red

The Hana-Umami Red high-end moving coil cartridge combines brilliant materials and classic Japanese techniques with modern audio engineering. Ebony wood, rare-earth magnets, precision-cut diamond, high-purity copper wires, Urushi lacquering, and CNC machined Duralumin synergize under the vision of Hana designer Okada-san.

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Hana E Series

The Hana E Series, with its distinctive moss green body and Elliptical stylus

Hana S Series

The Hana S Series, distinguished by its black body and Shibata stylus

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Hana M Series

The Hana M Series—Affordable Perfection

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