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Sutherland Engineering | A Different Vision

There is an almost irresistible urge to add complexity to any endeavor.

The result is a tangled knot of disparate good ideas. Because there is always more that could be added, there is never an opportunity for long-term satisfaction. Never enough.

Sutherland offers a different vision – it may be more closely aligned with your values. It is a very disciplined approach that refines design to the essential elements – and then executes the design to perfection.

There is no allowance for superfluous clutter. Nothing extra will be allowed between you and the music.

Sutherland MCX phono preamplifier

Using a transformer in front of the first gain stage offered a chance for some circuit simplification. Then the following stage was revamped for the best overall musicality.

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Sutherland N1 Preamplifier

To fully appreciate the heart-felt passion that went into every detail of the N1, you also need to study the thoughtful, meticulous layout inside the case. Every detail makes for ‘pride of ownership’. The machined aluminum front panel, the tempered glass display window, the understated minimalism — all speak of old fashioned pride of craftsmanship.

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