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Innuos designs and manufactures a range of high quality music systems, created for simplicity of use and functionality while delivering uncompromised, high fidelity sound reproduction.

Innuos was founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom with the vision that you don’t need to sacrifice sound quality nor be a technology wizard to enjoy the convenience of Digital Music at your fingertips. This vision can only be achieved through the combination of three core principles:


Our multi-disciplinary team combines expertise in Computer Hardware, Audio Hardware, Networking and Software Engineering to create our products end-to-end.


By working closely together with end users and partners alike, we really understand what different customers require in a music solution. This has been driving our research and development since day one.


Digital Audio is a fast-evolving area, with new products being constantly introduced in the market. Instead of designing closed solutions, we build our products to be open, allowing integration with the most popular Hi-Fi and Multi-room products in the market.

Innuos PULSEmini washington dc virginia maryland authorized dealer

Innuos PULSEmini

Getting the most enjoyment out of your favorite music is now within reach with the PULSEmini. Whether you’re just getting started exploring HiFi quality audio, or you’re looking for the convenience of expanding your existing HiFi setup to include streaming in new locations, PULSEmini is the perfect place to start.

Innuos PULSE washington dc virginia maryland authorized dealer

Innuos PULSE

Providing a step-up from the PULSEmini, Innuos engineered the PULSE by adding some significant improvements that increase its performance. For starters, PULSE raises the bar by integrating their new custom RECAP2 LPSU power supply, designed in collaboration with Dr. Sean Jacobs.

Innuos PULSAR washington dc virginia maryland authorized dealer


When it comes to HiFi, whether streaming from music services, a NAS, or a dedicated music server, you want your music to sound its best and your network music player needs to ensure you hear the music the way it was intended; this is where PULSAR really shines. PULSAR is the star of Innuos’ PULSE Series network music players and it’s packed with things that make it stand out the moment you hear it.

Innuos ZENmini washington dc virginia maryland authorized dealer

Innuos ZENmini Mk3

Innuos’ gateway server with all the full benefits of innuOS, offering wide connectivity options and an upgrade path for better sound quality. Ideal for simple integration into multi-room systems or for those taking the first step to a dedicated music server and streamer.

Innuos Linear Power Supply (LPSU)

Innuos Linear Power Supply (LPSU)

The optional Linear Power Supply upgrade for ZENmini offers improved sound quality thanks to its premium Nichicon MUSE capacitor bank, in a chassis purpose-matched to the ZENmini design.

Innuos ZEN Mk3 washington dc virginia maryland authorized dealer

Innuos ZEN Mk3

The ZEN Mk3 provides another leap in sound quality compared to the ZENmini with its integrated dual-linear PSU, isolated dual-ethernet ports and asymmetrical anti-vibration feet. The ZEN Mk3 represents tremendous value in digital audio performance.

Innuos ZENith washington dc virginia maryland authorized dealer

Innuos ZENith Mk3

Pushing Innuos’ popular ZENith even further, the advanced MK3 includes a Triple-Linear PSU with Mundorf CAPS and custom-treated SSD. Ideal for audiophiles who want a smoother, more relaxed sound with a wider soundstage.
Innuos Statement authorized dealer

Innuos Statement

Music Server & Streamer

Innuos’ flagship server, designed to take digital audio to a new level of performance – it’s state-of-the-art source for the most discerning audiophiles. The optional Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade is available now for both new or existing units.

Innuos PhoenixNET Audiophile-grade Network Switch

Innuos PhoenixNET

Audiophile-grade Network Switch

Designed from the ground up for network audio

PhoenixNET can improve sound quality when used with nearly any audio component, even our flagship STATEMENT music server/streamer.

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