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Wireworld Interconnects

From the recording microphones to our ears, the better the links in the audio chain, the more musical detail and expression we hear. Wireworld audio interconnect cables are designed, tested and manufactured to provide the most sonically transparent path for your music. Their patented DNA HELIX® internal structure consists of parallel strands in layered flat conductors that channel electromagnetic signal energy more efficiently than coaxial and twisted pair cables. They also benefit from COMPOSILEX® 3, a third generation composite insulation technology with lower triboelectric noise than any conventional low loss insulation, including DuPont Teflon®. With upgraded designs and superior materials, Wireworld Series 8 interconnects embody real progress in preserving tone quality, imaging and dynamic expression.

Series 8 Upgrades

The upgrade to COMPOSILEX 3 in Series 8 interconnects improves tonal purity and image focus, while the increased number of strand groups has increased detail, soundstage separation, bass extension and dynamic expression. Discover the whole collection of Wireworld’s audio interconnect cables.

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Wireworld Power Cables

Wireworld’s shielded power cables are purely dynamic, designed to absorb noise and block interference. Their innovative Fluxfield™ technology with COMPOSILEX® 2 insulation provides surprisingly vivid sound and imaging. Unlike other cords, Wireworld power cables were developed through direct comparisons to battery power, the ultimate in sonic and visual purity. Their elegant plugs feature silver-clad contacts, for the quietest and lowest loss connections available. The five models of Wireworld’s shielded power cables differ in their conductor material, as the smoother current flow of superior conductors provides additional improvements in sound and image quality. The mini power cords use a simpler version of the fluxfield design for low powered components. Since they function as filters, longer lengths provide greater improvements and Wireworld recommends two meters or more for the best performance.

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Wireworld Speaker Cables

Close your eyes and feel the guitarist’s fingertips sliding along the strings as he prepares to strike a new chord. Hear the vocalist draw a breath before the song begins. With this kind of clarity it’s easy to imagine the concert is being played just for you. Wireworld’s audibly superior designs and materials clearly disprove the common belief that a heavier gauge is all a cable needs. From a highly flexible in-wall, to objectively engineered reference standards, Wireworld speaker cables will open up your ears to an exciting new listening experience. 

Series 8 Upgrades

Wireworld Series 8 speaker cables have more strand groups than Series 7, which strengthens the electromagnetic field that moves the signal through the cable. Along with the addition of COMPOSILEX® 3, these upgrades improve clarity, dynamics, soundstaging and image focus.

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Wireworld Digital Audio Cables

In theory, digital audio connections are supposed to be less sensitive to cables than analog connections, but cable polygraph tests have shown that the audible losses of digital and analog cables are actually comparable. Even Ethernet connections, which are perfectly reliable when saving files, tend to degrade the fidelity of streamed music and video in comparison to a local file source. Wireworld has invested in decades of research, testing and development to create digital audio cables that overcome those losses to provide substantial upgrades in musical realism and enjoyment. Over a wide range of applications and price levels, Wireworld high-resolution cables advance the art of preserving the natural tone quality, spatial imaging and exciting dynamics of live music.

Series 8 Upgrades

For Series 8, the upgrade to COMPOSILEX® 3 and adding more strand groups has increased musicality, resolution and dynamic contrasts.

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Wireworld HDMI Cables

Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of high definition the way it was meant to be. Wireworld’s award winning HDMI® cables are widely regarded as reference standards for video and audio fidelity. Precision engineered and built with the finest materials, including the exclusive ultra-quiet COMPOSILEX®3 insulation, these cables deliver crystal clear definition and vibrant color. The greatest differences among HDMI cables are in sound quality and that is where Wireworld HDMI cables truly excel. The superior Uni-Path™ designs and leading brand internal components provide the ultimate in 8K imaging and lifelike sound. Every Wireworld HDMI cable exceeds the official HDMI specs supporting all the latest HDMI2.1 features.

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