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Thank you to the many happy Command AV customers who have taken the time to share their thoughts on social media!

We really appreciated that there was no “pushy salesman” experience.

My wife and I purchased a new receiver from a different vendor, but we were looking for a better set of speakers to pair with it, so we decided to stop by Command Performance and listen to a few different brands/models of speakers. Jeff and his staff were very professional and were willing to invest time into making sure we got the right speakers for our setup. They never tried to push us into higher tier or more expensive speakers, even of the same company. We really appreciated that there was no “pushy salesman” experience.

When my wife and I decided to order, it was a painless process and they gave us an estimated delivery date. Unfortunately, COVID and customs problems slowed getting the speakers in as quickly as originally thought, but this was out of their control. To ease the delay, Jeff offered to let us borrow the floor model of the speakers we purchased until ours came in. It was truly amazing having that kind of dedication given to customers.

Everything arrived and the final result is a 5.2 system with Dynaudio’s Evoke line (30s for front, 25 for center, and 10s for surround) along with a pair of JL Audio subwoofers, all driven by a Marantz SR8015. The sound is a major upgrade from our previous Bose 301/201/VCS-10 setup. Additionally, the Dynaudio speakers are sleek and integrated seamlessly into my wife’s interior design choices. She does not even notice them set up around the living room.

Overall, Command Performance provided a great listening and shopping experience and recommended a speaker line that fit our budget and dramatically improved our home theater experience.

—Erich R.

honest advice…

Jeff took the time, over a series of calls, to really understand what gear would work best for me when my streamer died. He gave me honest advice, both negatives and positives, and I ended up with something that I am thrilled with. I typically would not buy something without listening and comparing myself but in this odd time I took a chance based on Jeff’s ears and experience and I am extremely happy that I did.

—Jeffrey K.

Jeff and CommandAV have really been amazing to work with.

I got a demo AMG turntable with great pricing; unfortunately a few months later it developed a tonearm issue. They stood by me during the warranty repair process and even got me a loaner tonearm to use while mine was sent out to Germany for the necessary repair. They also went above and beyond to help me troubleshoot an issue with a preamp that had been sent in for upgrades. They really do stand by you AFTER the sale, and that is so comforting. Thanks Jeff – I look forward to many years as a CommandAV customer!

—Frank W.

Jon and Jeff are incredibly knowledgeable about ‘all things sound’!

We had done some homework when we got to their offices/location. They were extremely knowledgeable, patient with even the most basic of questions, and helped us put together a wired sound system that met our needs, home, and budget. They were also very responsive over email and the phone. We love our sound system! Thanks, guys.

—Reshma T.

Jeff is one the really good guys in this industry.

I’ve known him for a while now and have certainly purchased things from him, but rarely the larger ticket items. Although he has many better customers than me, he always is glad to see me and is extraordinarily patient and helpful. He and his crew will always take that time to listen and make thoughtful suggestions. Highly recommended!

—Dave S.

…Extremely talented in optimizing analogue systems.

Recently purchased a Zesto tube phono pre-amp… Jon and Jeff are extremely talented in optimizing analogue systems. Their expertise has allowed me to rediscover my record collection! I highly recommend this hifi store; they are friendly and very knowledgeable.

Highly recommend!

Great shop, all the folks that work there are highly knowledgeable and friendly. Low pressure environment adapting to your budget. Highly recommend!

—Karl S.

John and everyone at Command Performance were super helpful.

John answered all questions about my system and was great at finding a reasonable replacement component. He also seemed genuinely happy to talk about all the amazing equipment they have in their understated shop.

—Gladys B.

This place is the REAL DEAL.

I stopped in to browse and the guys were super helpful and accommodating, letting me listen to whatever I wanted.  I sat down with some headphones for awhile and wasn’t rushed in even the slightest.  The quality of the gear there is ridiculously impressive.  I’m going to stop in when I have more time and probably will make a purchase.

—Sadiq A.

Great shop. Great service!

Great shop. Great service!

—Jerome Esguerra

I went with a friend to Command Performance A/V yesterday and had an audio awakening.

What a difference speaker quality makes! In their unassuming basement catacombs are high-quality speakers and A/V equipment that music dreams are made of. Diffusers, too, disguised as art. My music demonstration choice was Pink Floyd. It was like hearing them for the first time. Command Performance A/V is a great little place with very nice people and really exceptional equipment. It’s definitely not Best Buy.

—Sandy Carroll

Excellent shop run by exceptional people!

These guys are ready and willing to walk you through all their gear and match you up with what make sense for you and your budget. Super knowledgeable and friendly, I can’t recommend Command high enough!

—Dempsey Hamilton

…really earned my respect and loyalty as a customer

Hello everyone… I wanted to send a few accolades Command Performance’s way as Jeff and Randy have really earned my respect and loyalty as a customer given their openness to honestly answer all my questions, letting me spend as much time as needed to audition gear, and also their willingness to work with me as best they could given the limitations of my budget. These guys are not “salesmen” in the typical hi-fi-store sense: They are music lovers who are also passionate about music reproduction technology as an enabler to experience it. They love listening to music, and getting it to sound just right, as much as you do. This is a rare treat (ironic as it may seem) in the AV-shopping world and it goes a long way to eliminating any “customer versus salesperson” tension. Rather, you’re all on the same team sharing the same goal to get the best sound possible within your budget.

Another big plus is that they know how their gear sounds, and they give advice that you can trust. From amps to dacs to speakers to cables they can describe the nuanced (or dramatic) differences in ways to help you quickly decide what makes sense to audition. This matters as we don’t all have hundreds of hours to listen to every piece of gear in every combination… and even if we did, the journey to discover that “perfect assembly” of gear to get the sound we’re after can be frustrating and daunting when so many variables are at play. Randy and Jeff basically act as “sound guides” not to steer you towards the product with the highest profit margin, but rather to guide you towards the gear that, dollar for dollar, will sound the best to your ears.
As an example, when I first called to tell Randy that I was interested in coming in to audition a Hegel Integrated amplifier, he spent time asking detailed questions to learn about how I listen to music and what sonic signature I was after. Let’s not pretend folks… while we all profess to seek “transparency”, given the multitude options and trade-offs in the real world where we have to choose among what we can afford, the reality is that some of us crave a silky liquid mid-range more than authoritative bass, or dynamics and slam over subtle micro-detail, or a holographic soundstage with pin-point accuracy more than tonal accuracy. No gear is perfect and no two listeners prefer exactly the same sound, so knowing how one listens to music is key to guiding a customer towards the gear that will sound most pleasing to him/her. Randy had learned what I like and how I listen to music so when I arrived to audition the Hegel integrated amp he had already set up the Hegel amplifier with speakers/cables/dac to reflect my listening taste.

If anyone loves music, and wants to know how they might improve their home audio system to get closer to it, then I encourage you to drop by Command Performance AV.

—David Boulet

…my default destination for my hi-fi needs

This has become my default destination for my hi-fi needs since I moved to the area in August 2016. I have been to some of the other local shops, and while they may carry particular brands I am looking for, in terms of the overall vibe and experience Command Performance AV has exactly what a hi-fi shop should have. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall, not the swankiest setting – but it’s a good casual vibe where you can enjoy your favorite music on systems at a variety of price points. The staff are very knowledgeable and passionate about music – they are not just gearheads who want to dazzle you with the latest ultra-expensive cable. Indeed, Command Performance brings an appealing blend of appreciation and knowledge of hi-fi equipment with an eye towards the ultimate goal: enjoyment of music. Thus far I have purchased an integrated amp, two headphone amps, a DAC, and some other assorted items. I intend to continue to make purchases with this store. Having shopped at numerous hi-fi establishments over the years in several different cities, I can safely say that Command Performance is a top-tier shop and I recommend them to hi-fi novices and fully initiated audiophiles alike.

—Adam B.

…as helpful an audio store as I’ve ever come across.

I’ve been involved in audio for 30 years and this is as helpful an audio store as I’ve ever come across. Everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable. They carry a wide range of equipment in every price range. You want $100 speakers cables – they’ve got them. You want the ultimate speaker cables for $75,000 (!!) – they’ve got them too. They won’t upsell you. Let them know your price range and they’ll show you the best choices in that range and let you listen to them all. Over the years I’ve bought everything from inexpensive interconnects to expensive electronics and I’ve never been steered wrong. Highly recommended.

—Bob Olson

Best High End Store Ever

Even for the few of us that do audio as a hobby, so called high end stores can be as intimidating as the Ritz Carlton or a Bentley dealership. “Am I wearing the right thing, do I look rich enough, will they instantly spot me as hopelessly middle class?” Command AV is the perfect paradox of high end wares and down home comfort. Thanks to Jeff, Jon, George, and Randy; it’s a great place to hang out. For a reference system wantabe like myself, I enjoy listing to a quarter million dollar stereo and cleaning my records on a $5000 record cleaner. But the best part is that there is no pressure to go beyond your means and the Command AV team is just as happy to encourage reasonable equipment rather than push a system that tries to eat your living room. The bottom line is that they sell music. Music many don’t think is possible or even possible at reasonable prices. This is the best place to visit if you are new to the idea of better sound. The team has infinite patience and great personal knowledge when it comes to building music – sometimes recommending adjustments over new equipment.

—Clarke A.

…keep me coming back to them year after year.

I’ve been going to Command Performance for years and they are a great business with excellent knowledge, customer service, and product lines. The combination of the three along with their friendliness are what keep me coming back to them year after year.

—Jeremy Brown

Great staff.

Helped me get past a fear of tubed amps. Purchased a Rogue Audio Chronus Magnum II. My jazz sounds better than ever. Thanks for the great service!

—Todd Tetreault

…fulfilling their consumer’s needs is unmatched

Randy and the guys at Command AV were the most helpful service team I have encountered in the niche market that is High-Fidelity audio/video. Their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to fulfilling their consumer’s needs is unmatched, and you can be damn sure they will help you find that perfect audio set-up that will make your jaw drop and stay there!

—Chris S.

Jeff and the rest of the guys at Command Performance AV are fantastic.

I drove up from Richmond as he is the closest dealer of line magnetic gear. The place is set up as 4 different rooms which roughly increase in price. I mention this because these guys can put together a system for any budget. Everything they have is top notch. I stayed for an extended demo for the amps and got to listen to some incredible Devore speakers as well. Jeff was super friendly, approachable and down to earth. His recommendations are not for the most expensive products but those that fit your budget and overall goals. He lent me some cables to take home and try out which was really nice. Also went above and beyond trying to find me a power source (to give me) for a product I didn’t even buy from him.

I spent quite a lot of time in Hi-Fi stores in NYC and Cleveland and this place is my favorite yet. It’s a great place to just hang out and listen to some amazing systems. But good luck not buying anything. I’ll definitely be back to do business with Command Performance.

—Ryan N.

Tell them your budget, and they’ll work with you within it.

If you’re interested in high quality stereo/audio, this is the store to go to in the Washington DC Metro area. They’ve made very thoughtful choices of equipment to carry, so whether you’re looking for a budget system or the highest of the high end, they’ve picked gear they really believe is the best for the money. And they won’t try to “upsell” you – tell them your budget, and they’ll work with you within it. Just as important, it’s a very friendly place and their service is the best. Everyone I’ve worked with there – Jon, Randy, Bob, Jeff – has gone out of their way to be helpful.

I was looking for a USB cable, and the folks there sat me down in a demo room and, one by one, let me hear and compare every cable they carry plus one I brought in myself. Later I was shopping for a new DAC and they let me listen to the DACs in the store and then take three of them home to try in my own system. Still later I wanted to get a digital server and Jon, knowing I’m on a retiree’s budget, recommended the new Aurender N100H, which everyone there seemed enthusiastic about. A couple of months after I bought it, the Absolute Sound magazine gave it their Product of the Year award. Randy has visited my house, listened to my system, and advised me, working with me so closely that he’s become a real friend. Service doesn’t get any better than this.

—Bob O.

No overselling here.

I wanted really good sound, waiting for years to get a good system, and I am on a budget. I was worried my budget would prevent me from getting into “the good stuff”. I met with Jon, and he was extraordinarily patient and mild mannered. No overselling here. We worked out a great system in my budget. Not a salesman by nature, just a music lover. Trustworthy and dedicated. And needless to say, I wouldn’t be writing this review if I wasn’t overjoyed with my new system!

—Matt C.

Was so happy to find a Raidho dealer close.

They gave me a great trade in on my Dynaudios and now I am a happy X1’s owner.

—David Burke

Great store, great people.

Highly recommended. Stop by to checkout some of the great equipment they have to listen to.

—Dan Shore

What a great experience!!!

Thanks to John!! Takes you back to the ’70s… 1st class!!! No high pressure. Fair prices, great choices!!! And John came to my house and hooked me up. My records and cassettes have never sounded so great!!!


Had a great experience at Command Performance yesterday.

Jon provided excellent service and his expertise and advice was greatly appreciated. I’ll definitely be back!

This place is really great.

I was intimidated to be walking into a hi fi store, to be honest, but Jon was really great about helping me find a pair of monitors that were right for me. He took the time, answered questions, expressed his views but didn’t try to sway, just really informative and generous. I work at a record store in the District and I will definitely be sending my customers their way. Highly Recommended. PS – Listen to those Neats!! Amazing sounding speakers.

—Samuel Reggio

These guys are highly recommended.

Jon really took the time to help me audition some great monitors – he was informative and honest, and I never felt like I was being sold on fancier stuff. I walked out with a great pair of monitors at a very reasonable price, but really I was just glad to find some stereo geek guys who are genuine, understanding, and down to earth. Newbs should feel very confident walking in, being treated with respect, and getting to hear some very cool stuff. Completely great. I work at a record store here in the District and I will certainly be mentioning Command Performance when the subject of stereo gear comes up (and it does!). Thanks guys!

—Samuel R.

…very friendly and committed beyond the sale.

Command Performance AV is great evidence that the personal service that was supposed to have been killed by the internet is still alive and kicking.

I’ve been into hi-fi for 18 years, across 5 states, and Command Performance AV is, by far, the friendliest, most helpful and most effective audio dealer I’ve yet to experience. I worked primarily with Bob and Jeff. The level of personal care and attention those guys gave (and continue to give) to my purchases and my endless questions is unmatched.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level system, or if you’re an old audio geek looking for the next refinement to your system, those guys always approach you with you in mind. They will get to know your tastes (in music and equipment), and they will be able to guide you to a solution that fits your budget.

My wife and I were encouraged to bring in our existing equipment to audition the speakers we wanted to hear. Bob and Jeff let us use the demo room all day to acquaint ourselves with the sound, and they helped us understand it better by making various comparisons. My wife’s jaw dropped to the floor when she heard the difference between the copper cable and the silver-plated copper cable from the same manufacturer.

Besides rekindling my interest in stereo equipment, the guys as Command Performance AV have proved to be very friendly and committed beyond the sale. I frequently e-mail with them about music and the endless questions I have about improving my system. They always respond quickly and with very useful information. Many times, they have been able to get answers to my questions directly from the manufacturers.

In short, I didn’t just get new speakers from Command Performance AV: I got new speakers, a renewed zeal for audio, and a couple of very experienced, helpful friends.

—Antonio B.

I had a great experience with these guys.

Never had high-end audio equipment before, but now I’ve got a set-up that I’m really crazy about. I didn’t do a lot of kicking-the-tires because I decided I trust these guys and I let them pick out the components and such to meet what I was hoping for. No regrets. People who know this stuff better than I say I got a great system and a good deal. I already knew that, but I do love hearing it confirmed.

Jon and Jeff clearly do have a passion for this stuff, to the extent that they helped me out on stuff that was only tangentially related to my new AV setup. They actually thought of a couple of ways to get more use out of some already existing equipment (built-in speakers, a Sonos device, etc) that didn’t cost anything. And when one of my own workers screwed up an installation detail, these guys solved the issue and didn’t charge me for it. Stuff like that is a huge relief and buys lots of trust & confidence when you’re not really a guy who reads AV magazines but who just wants a great system.
Don’t know if I’m their target customer, but they treated me with as much respect and attention as I’d expect if I were buying the top-of-the-line supremo supremo system. So: Great parts, great service, and I’ve got a system that impresses my jaded friends. Happy customer.

—Mike M.

I was pleased with the candor of their advice.

Command Performance is a fun little audio shop focused on quality two-channel stereo. Jeff and John are great guys who clearly love audio and know their craft in great depth.

They have a wide variety of used items as well as several very fine lines for which they are certified dealers. They run the audiophile gamut in terms of price. As an example, they have the basic Project Debut all the way up to a Clearaudio Reference Master.

I was pleased with the candor of their advice. For example, they urged me not to replace certain items because what I have is already plenty good. Many stores would have tried to sell more stuff rather the help the customer get it right and save money. Three separate times they gave me advice or a solution that involved no money changing hands.
They also listen. How a person hears is like a fingerprint. We’re all different. I told them the type of sound I enjoy and they tailored systems extremely accurately to my preference – and told me several times that I would not like certain expensive items so not to bother.

Bottom line: it was about the customer sharing their joy in listening, not about moving boxes.
Be prepared to spend some time if you visit. Between the beauty of their inventory, the joy of listening to beautifully reproduced music, and the infectious enthusiasm of the staff, time tends to fly.
Finally, don’t neglect to spend some time with Command Performance’s most charming and enthusiastic employee, Bella the Audio Dog!

—Bailey B.

Best dealer by far in DC area.

Service, selection and responsiveness are Extremely good.

—Dean D’Angelo

The best in audio and the best service

I’ve ever found in an audio dealer. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and honest. It is always a pleasure dealing with him. Very highly recommended!

—Ron Vandervort

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