Bluesound | Multi-room. Perfect sync.

Living Hi-Fi

Created by audiophiles dedicated to realizing the promise of wireless, bit-perfect high-fidelity audio.
As designers, engineers, and music fans who have spent their lives in the music industry, they are not satisfied with anything less than acoustic and functional perfection. Many of the staff are the same people from world-famous NAD team that pioneered Hi-Fi in the 1970s. And they continue to pursue innovative technologies and faithful music reproduction relentlessly. Not just a computer company with speakers attached, they’re all about the sound!

Multi-room. Perfect sync.

Bluesound uses your existing home wireless network, and the system sets up quickly and easily. With an advanced WiFi antenna and ultra-fast processors, Bluesound ensures a solid connection in every corner of your space—even when streaming high-resolution audio files. Play your music in perfect sync, or play different music simultaneously, to any player in any room. And rule your sonic domain!

At Command Performance, we know the Bluesound ecosystem inside out. We’re not here just to sell you a system; we want you to feel free to come in, sit down, and get comfortable with the way everything works. Should you decide to purchase a system, know that we’ll be here to support it, assisting you with any questions you might have, today or when you grow your setup in the future.

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