Choosing System Evaluation Source Material

Careful listening and system evaluation can be made substantially easier if you use source material that you’re familiar with. Still, there is some music that may be better for critical evaluation. Even though it’s sometimes criticized for being overused, jazz, especially jazz vocals, can be an excellent choice. Why? Because it typically contains “real, natural” instruments and close-miked vocals that are easily identifiable and when they sound “wrong,” we know it. Let’s face it, although you may love Megadeth, it’s pretty hard to evaluate system performance using their music. And truth be told, if you don’t occasionally attend live classical symphony performances, classical music too can be less than ideal to use. Certainly you can pick what sounds “best” to you, but how do you determine accuracy (fidelity)? Therefore we’d suggest you consider using some jazz, country music (it’s generally well-recorded, too), “light” rock, and similar genres to help you make careful decisions.

We have a substantial collection of a wide range of music here in the shop that you can use to evaluate components. You can listen as long as you’d like to be sure you’re making the right choice for you. Of course, we’re always here to help.