DeVore Fidelity Orangutan Reference

A Four-Piece Speaker System representing the ultimate expression of the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan Series. Offering unprecedented flexibility and customization, the O/Reference can be installed in nearly any size room, and built to fit nearly any decor.

O/Reference A

10” paper-cone woofer with a cast Bronze chassis and an all new woofer motor, fully optimized with a pure AlNiCo magnet, copper Faraday rings above and below the gap, a titanium former, and a machined bronze phase plug resulting in better magnetic and inductive linearity, increased sensitivity, and an order of magnitude lower distortion throughout most of the frequency range.

1” silk dome tweeter loaded by a cast & machined Bronze horn with an all new tweeter motor utilizing a large rare-earth magnet and an underhung voice-coil for increased linearity at lower treble frequencies and higher sensitivity.

.75” silk dome super-tweeter with a cast & machined bronze horn and rare-earth magnet.

Solid machined Bronze port tubes and machined brass input-plate are de-coupled from the cabinet to reduce vibration.

O/Reference B

11-inch reinforced aluminum woofer and all-new motor system capable of a massive 2 1/4 inch excursion.

11-inch reinforced aluminum passive radiator naturally tuned below 20Hz in-cabinet with no equalization.

Rigid two-inch thick birch plywood front baffle and solid machined brass input-plate to reduce vibration.

Dedicated 700 watt amplifier and all analog signal path including fully adjustable low-pass crossover, variable phase, subsonic filter, and equalization at 20Hz and 35Hz to tailor response to different room installations.

“Big enveloping sound that showed zero, if any, constraints in terms of dynamics, slam, and bass extension. Very musical and very easy to listen to regardless of what was tossed its way. Way cool. Stunning workmanship and attention to every detail… kudos John and team on the new loudspeakers. We did hear an earlier version of these at RMAF back in 2018, and these are the latest and final version… or revisions. Done. A true reference in every way.”
Positive Feedback, Dave Clark, June 2019

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“The sound in the room was dynamic, refined, and powerful. It was clearly popular with the attendees, with much oooohing and aaaahing, fading to looks of stunned awe once the music started playing. I heard a lot of what I know and love about the O/96 in this speaker — the lineage is clear — but the elegance is turned up way past eleven.”
Part Time Audiophile, Scott Hull, October 2018

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“In the end this was a showstopper of a room where time and space seemed at odds and had me low-whistling a few times at what I was hearing…”
Audiostream, Rafe Arnott, October 2018

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