The Gryphon Vanta Audio Cables

Gryphon Vanta

Gryphon Vanta is Gryphon Audio Designs’ top-of-the-line cable line. The Vanta Series offers speaker cables, interconnects, power cords, and digital cables.

Vanta cables offer you the ultimate solution in cable technology and performance. It is a benchmark and the most natural solution when connecting audio components.

All Vanta cables are terminated with carefully-selected audio-grade connectors from some of the leading manufactures in the world, such as Oyaide and Neutrik. The connectors are soldered to the Silver-Gold conductors under a microscope to make sure that all connections are soldered to perfection. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is thought through to the very last detail.

2020 not only marked the 35th Anniversary of Gryphon Audio Designs, but also 35 years of cable manufacturing at Gryphon Audio Designs.

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There are straightforward laws of physics that govern impedance, inductance, capacitance and hysteresis and—through them—sonic performance.

Gryphon Audio Designs have made it their mission to identify and control the practical construction parameters which define these crucial mechanisms.

Gryphon Audio Designs offers audiophile- grade cables with high-purity conductors and carefully-selected dielectric materials to optimize the essential low impedance, low inductance, and low capacitance characteristics necessary to achieve the full free flow of music.

Through careful selection of ultra pure conductors and dielectrics, high construction quality and extreme mechanical stability, Gryphon Audio cables dramatically reduce noise, grunge, and coloration, revealing the natural space, dimensionality, tone, and dynamics of the original musical performance.

The Gryphon DNA

The Gryphon’s design philosophy that is the foundation of the speed, transparency, dynamic detail, musicality, and sonic neutrality of their amplifiers, source components and loudspeakers also defines the metallurgy, mechanical construction, electrical characteristics, and sound embodied in their exclusive range of interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords.

Consequently, Gryphon cables do not act as filters to color the sound in any particular direction. While other cable manufacturers deliberately tweak their products to be “forward,” “dark”, “bright,” “recessed”, etc., in the vain hope that the overall system result will somehow be acceptable, Gryphon cables are designed to be neutral conduits that reveal with unflinching precision exactly what your audio system is capable of.

As with all Gryphon products, there is no recognizable cable “house sound” that can be attributed to the brand. Neutrality, purity and accuracy are the DNA of everything that carries the Gryphon logo.
The extreme, high build quality of Gryphon cables ensures maximum mechanical stability, optimum electrical insulation and minimum dielectric absorption. Conductors, PTFE insulation, bedding and outer sheath form a tightly-wrapped bundle virtually immune to self-induction and hysteresis. The extreme low noise and high resolution that is the Gryphon sonic trademark are in large part due to careful scrutiny of the electro- dynamics of field geometry.
Fully shielded against RF interference and emission, unstressed conductors of the purest metals available are protected by multiple layers of insulation for uniform pressure on the conductors to effectively eliminate the “acoustic memory” of insulating materials, which in other cables causes smearing and degraded impulse response.


Sonic Neutrality

The crystalline purity of the unique, costly silver/gold alloy employed in all Gryphon conductors results in fewer crystal boundaries and eliminates distortion caused by amplitude-dependent signal transmission. Unlike more conventional cables which distort high frequencies due to crystal impurities in the conductor wire, Gryphon cables provide pure, open high frequencies and a natural, non-resonant tonal quality across the audio range. Materials purity and a sophisticated extrusion process contribute to the focused, clean, tight sound of Gryphon cables.
With no intrinsic colourations and no bias in favor of specific frequency bands, Gryphon cables possess a unique level of tonal coherence from deep, detailed bass up through the rich, open midrange to the airy transparency of the highest frequencies.
Gryphon cables with their handsome exteriors and carefully designed connectors for optimum signal transfer will set new standards for your musical enjoyment. Their breathtaking, flawless performance will be the perfect complement to any high-end audio system.

The Gryphon Vanta Features

  • Exterior design by Søren Slebo
  • Performance design by Rune Skov

HiFi+ Review

“I’d put these up there with the best of the best, many of which cost considerably more.”

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