Is it possible to have an audiophile quality surround sound system?

Since 1982, when Dolby introduced Dolby Surround, this question has floated through the audio community. The truth is, there’s no reason a surround sound system can’t be every bit (pun intended) as good as a dedicated audiophile stereo system. All the qualities you’d want in high-performance electronics and speakers are desirable in a surround sound system. Honest.

A main advantage to building a great surround sound system is the ability to share the experience with family and friends. Let’s face it, serious stereo music listening tends to be a personal activity, not a group happening. Surround sound, whether accompanied by video or not, is much more likely to be enjoyed by a group of listeners. Surround sound movies, TV shows, concerts, etc. are all available through streaming, cable, and on discs.

Like every other recorded medium, some surround sound recordings are better than others, but good ones can enhance the experience an order of magnitude beyond a good stereo performance. And enjoying it with your family and friends is a truly added bonus.

If this sounds intriguing (another pun there), stop in to discuss it with us. We’re all ears, after all!