Magico Q Pod closeup

Magico Q Pod

Throughout the development process of the Q platform, Magico made numerous advances in the area of resonance management.

Originally developed for internal R&D, Magico introduced the QPods to maximize your front-end system performance. The pods themselves are CNC-turned and milled from hardened stainless-steel, oxygen-free copper, and hard, black-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. These materials create the constraining layers for the damping material that is alternately clamped between to create a single traverse dissipating unit, which they call the QPod.

Vibrational wave propagation through the floor, stands, and the equipment itself is converted into heat energy through the side-to-side movement (known as “shear deformation”) within each layer of the pod.

By adding a multi-leveled constraining layer mechanism to equipment standoffs, electrical and mechanical vibration-induced artifacts are acutely reduced, ultimately resulting in marked improvements to signal fidelity.

Magico Q Pod montage
Magico Q Pod spectral 1
Cumulative Spectral Decay of a preamp chassis, standing on its factory feet, playing back an impulse response. Speakers are playing back the signal in room.
Same preamp playing back the impulse standing on four QPods.
Magico Q Pod spectral 2