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The Prime DAC

With two prime DACs, MSB yields an unprecedented level of detail, reproducing the musicality, soundstage, and texture of an original performance, bringing the artist to you. A fully-balanced, ultra-high precision, discrete ladder DAC architecture ensures each note tells a story. Additionally, MSB’s robust in-house design enables the finest quality playback of PCM and native DSD, while their low-impedance circuitry drives your amplification directly without adding coloration or buffering noise. The end result is a digital experience defying expectations.

A display for the listening chair…

Equipped with high-visibility and a wide viewing angle, the display is both easy-to-read and stunning, exhibiting MSB’s love for intuitive features. The LED display, slaved to the audio clock, is refreshed between data processing to drastically reduce electrical interference. The in-house discrete design is then constructed into its own shielded CNC pocket for optimal isolation. Sit back and be immersed.

Engaging with the Future

MSB thrives off the innovation required to meet consumer demands. They are constantly improving digital input modules to stay at the forefront of the high-end audio industry, ensuring you’re always equipped with the most current digital file formats and interfaces. Focusing on their network renderer and USB input, your audio tech will be on the cutting edge. Put simply, your DAC is ready for the future.

Superior Streaming

The MSB Renderer was developed using an in-house hardware design running an ultra-low-noise A5 processor for optimal audio playback performance. Over-the-air updates will ensure that your renderer always has the latest capabilities and ultimate convenience.

  • Up to 32 bit – 768kHz
  • MQA decoding
  • Roon Endpoint
  • Up to 4X DSD
  • UPnP Protocol
  • DLNA Protocol

Discrete Power Supply

Superior conversion begins with clean and stable low-noise power. The Discrete Power Supply feeds the DAC with dual low-noise power streams that are linear and independent. And that’s not all; the CNC unibody aluminum chassis provides the discrete power supply with optimal thermal performance and an elegant design aesthetic. The DAC comes equipped with a single power supply, but can be augmented with a second discrete power supply to enable optimized power isolation between all major components.

Premier Powerbase

Built to accommodate modular components, the Premier Powerbase is highly adaptive, offering two dual-link power connectors, supplying four isolated power supplies. Make it your own; with the addition of dual low-noise shielded transformers, optimized power filtering, enhanced grounding, and high-performance regulators, your DAC will be unrivaled in its performance.

Completely Modular

Paired with performance increases, MSB’s modular design ethos increases flexibility for future updates and product support, guaranteeing a long-term product investment. As you pursue higher levels of playback, an MSB upgrade path is always available to help drive your own desire for innovation. Whether it’s a software update or a leading-edge modular component, MSB is there to help their customers.

(Discrete DAC base configuration shown)

Anodized Finishes

Elegant yet commanding, MSB’s finishes are available in a matte silver or matte black anodize. Replaceable foot guards are included to protect the chassis from damage. Any audiophile M6X1 foot can be installed to optimize your system.


“As befits a new member of this famous converter family, this device also offers a truly beautiful and very unspectacular sounding reproduction. A signature that excels in tranquility, control, softness, tonal balance and realism and MSB-typical adds an enormous information density. No, it does not yet offer the extreme insight of the much more expensive Reference of Select DACs, but it does go beyond the lion’s share of the equally priced competition. Add to that all the useful options and operating comfort and you have a D / A converter that is among the very best of the moment, and will especially connect with people who can appreciate and know how music should sound.”, Werner Ero, October 2019

“The MSB Discrete is an extremely revealing and even handed converter, it exposes the colorations in other DACs with ease and reflects the fine detail of each recording without breaking a sweat. It could be more engaging but that is essentially because it has so little of its own character, put on an emotionally charged recording and you know all about it, just don’t expect this DAC to add a little gloss in an attempt to make everything sound great. The Discrete is a genuine high fidelity DAC and a fabulously built one to boot, add in the modular input flexibility and you have a pretty stunning product with excellent future proofing.”

the, Jason Kennedy, April 2019

“Diana Krall’s voice seemed to be sprayed with moist gold powder. It was a sound with a rich color, clear outlines, and a three-dimensional effect. It was also impressive to play Roon and Tidal on the fly without an external network player.”

“In particular, the dense expressive power of micro dynamics was a part of admiring MSB DAC so far, and it is surprising that it is implemented in this youngest model. In a word, it is a luxurious, natural and well-polished sound. “

Full Range, April 2019

“The Discrete DAC” from MSB proves to be a miracle converter: With sophisticated technology such as the ladder DAC principle or reclocking, as well as with uncompromising quality in terms of material and manufacture, it manages a conversion that leads to an outstanding musical experience….If you are wondering whether it is worth spending so much money on a mere converter, you should listen to this converter in conjunction with a coherent sound chain – and you will discover the vitality, spatiality and transparency inherent in the music. A converter that does not operate at the highest level cannot implement and represent this. The Discrete DAC, on the other hand, succeeds impressively.”

Lite Magazine, Volker Frech, April 2019

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