PlanterSpeakers | decor-conscious speakers


Planter Speakers integrate beautifully into their surroundings and also serve as a focal point in any design scheme or décor.

All models may be used with live flowers or plants and for indoor use, certain models can be ordered with a special removable planter pot.

Planter Speakers offer top notch construction and quality sound second to none. From the very unique Terra Cotta PlanterSpeaker with 360° degree music to the symphony orchestra outdoor sound of the magnificent Flagstone speaker our outdoor PlanterSpeakers rival the finest indoor speakers.

PlanterSpeakers by Madison Fielding began in 1999 as a custom installation project when one of their clients in the Northeast asked them to find the best speakers available for outdoor use. PlanterSpeakers’ founder had an A/V installation business and was using bracket speakers for their outdoor jobs. The problem with this install was that there was no place to mount speakers on the house, or room for rock speakers in the flowerbeds. Even if there were, the products available would only deliver okay sound, at best.

PlanterSpeakers had specified and installed beautiful speakers, subwoofers, and great quality amps inside the house, and the customer wanted the same quality sound outside. They needed a different solution. They spotted a good sized planter in the corner of the patio and the light bulb went on. PlanterSpeakers! They went back to the shop and went to work. There was a lot of work to do! They considered sound quality, planting space, and drainage, not to mention environmental issues.

Now, there are PlanterSpeakers for every personal taste and budget. Their Flagstone, Piermont, and Westport planters feature three-way speakers, all available in custom configurations. Subwoofer PlanterSpeakers can be added for extra-deep bass as well.

Experience the true feeling of luxury in your own backyard. Planter Speakers speakers will make you and your plants happy!

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