Record care, continued…

Here’s a list of vinyl record care tactics we do not recommend:
  1. Don’t wash records in the sink, using soap. Both the soap and typical household water will leave residue that will increase background noise.
  2. Avoid record cleaning liquids that contain alcohol. Although there are some specialized forms of alcohol that may be acceptable, most will remove the plasticizers from your records, making the grooves brittle and more prone to damage. Alcohol-based cleaners may also damage record cleaning machines.
  3. There are a few available cleaning solutions that contain very small amounts of alcohol that may work well, but use caution. We particularly like Musical Surrounding’s Record Time and VANA Ltd’s Revolv.
  4. Don’t clean records on your turntable, because you’ll be putting the dirty side down to clean the first side. There are pads available to use for this purpose. Get two, one for the dirty side and one for after you’ve cleaned the first side. You could also use a couple of clean microfiber towels as cleaning pads.
  5. Some people recommend using liquid glue (like Elmers) to clean records. This method has been shown to work to some degree, but it’s not easy to do, is time consuming, and can be very messy.
  6. Don’t handle the record by its grooved surfaces. Only handle it by the edge and the label area.
  7. Place the inner sleeve that holds the record with the opening facing up in its cardboard jacket, not facing out.
  8. Don’t store or stack records flat, only store them on edge, vertically, with only a slight tilt.