Transparent Generation 5 Blowout Sale

Transparent has moved to ”Generation 6” of their cables. So we are blowing-out of current stock of Generation 5 cables, both demo and new.

InterconnectsNEW/DemoQTY on HandMSRPSALE
Transparent “XL” 35′ RCA PairDemo1$12,390$7,434
Transparent “Super” 1M XLR PairDemo1$1,400$840
Transparent “Super” 2M XLR PairNew1$1,640$1,000
Transparent “Plus” 1.5M XLR PairDemo1$890$534
Transparent “Plus” 2M XLR PairNew1$975$634
Transparent “Plus” 2M XLR PairDemo2$975$585
Transparent “Plus” Subwoofer Kit 15′New1$480$312
Transparent “MusicLink” 15′ RCA PairDemo1$555$360
Transparent “MusicLink” 15′ RCA PairNew1$555$360
Transparent “MusicLink” 1M RCA SingleDemo1$200$120
Transparent “MusicLink” 1M XLR PairNew1$400$260
Transparent “MusicLink” 2M XLR PairNew4$520$338

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