DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 Loudspeakers

An award-winning blend of musicality and accuracy.

Designed especially for low-powered tube amplifiers!

The o96 features a 10″ paper cone with a phase-plug powered by a motor adapted from DeVore’s Silverback Reference drivers. A 1″ silk-dome tweeter, with a powerful double-magnet motor system, is gently horn-loaded.


Frequency Response25Hz-31kHz
Impedance10 Ohms 8.75 Ohms minimum at 190 Hz
Dimensions12″d x 18″w x 35.5″h (including stands)


Although it sells for less than any of Stereophile’s Class A full-range loudspeakers—and far less than most of them—the DeVore Orangutan O/96 is an expensive loudspeaker by the standards of average consumers and audio perfectionists alike. Given that the DeVore Fidelity line, as a whole, leans to the more affordable side of the fence, I wondered about the level of value provided by their newest entry. According to John DeVore, the O/96’s bass driver is particularly expensive to make, as is the speaker’s Brooklyn-built enclosure. “A speaker is a major decorative item in a system,” he adds, “and, with these, I felt it was more important to achieve beauty than, say, for an amp. And getting end-grain plywood to look like glass is not easy!”

My own view is simpler: The O/96 is neither a budget version nor a luxury version of anything else. It’s an extremely well-crafted loudspeaker that achieves a combination of strengths that is, as far as I know, unique. The O/96 is distinctly easy to drive with low-power amplifiers, yet it’s clearer, wider of bandwidth, and more spatially accomplished than most other high-sensitivity loudspeakers.

Colorful yet uncolored, the DeVore Orangutan O/96 is the loudspeaker many of us have been waiting for. Yes, an old Western Electric horn or even an Altec Valencia has more punch and drama, and a Quad ESL has even more clarity and nuance of texture and timbre. But the O/96 gives a lot of everything and sacrifices little of anything. I’m thoroughly, giddily impressed.

—Art Dudley, Stereophile

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“I’m seriously considering buying a pair of DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96es, because I love their sound so much.”
Stereophile, Jim Austin, September 2017, Speaker of the Year, Class A Recommended Component

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“The DeVore 0/96 Orangutan Loudspeaker is a unique, brilliant sounding, beautifully made loudspeaker. It’ll weather any type of amplification and replicate fine recordings with twist and shout that’ll have mainstream audiophiles and music lovers wanting something incredibly musical but different, running to the nearest dealer. Very highly recommended.”  
Audiophilia, Anthony Kershaw, January 2017, Speaker of the Year

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“A transparency to source that will challenge the preconceptions of many listeners, timbral accuracy that often left me shaking my head at its realism, and astoundingly deep, powerful bass: these are some of the hallmarks of John DeVore’s O/96 loudspeakers in my opinion.
This is a loudspeaker for both music lovers, and imaging/detail fetishists. I cannot recommend it highly enough to those with room to do the design, and performance, justice.”
Part Time Audiophile, February 2016, Editor’s Choice

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